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“I actually really did love you”: Tim Dormer confesses his romantic feelings for former co-star Ben Zabel

''I was wanting to come over and bang your brains out.''
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In a Big Brother plot twist few saw coming, BB royalty Tim Dormer has confessed his past feelings for fellow housemate, Ben Zabel.

Speaking on his podcast, The Big Mouth, Tim explained what happened with his and Ben’s friendship post the reality show, confessing there was a time he longed to be more than friends.

Tim has confessed his past feelings for Ben.

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“I was DTF that night that I messaged you,” Tim told Ben – meaning “Down To F–k”.

“I was wanting to come over and bang your brains out.”

After Ben laughed, Tim assured his friend that he was serious.

“And you left me on read,” the red-head added.

Tim and Reggie both returned for Big Brother 2022.

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At the time, Tim has just exited a relationship and was coming to terms with his growing feelings for Ben, especially when they were filming The Graceland Happiness Project together – a TV series off the back of their stint on Big Brother.

“You know I had feelings for you that I just didn’t know what to do with,” Time said. “I didn’t not choose you because you were the safe, boring guy, I didn’t choose you because I actually really did love you.

“I didn’t know what to do with it, I wasn’t really ready. And maybe the safer option was the one that I knew was reckless.”

Tim is currently dating Adam Freeth.

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Tim and Ben first met on season 10 of Big Brother in 2013 – one of the most beloved and memorable seasons of the show.

The pair quickly became fan favourites as well as frenemies during their time in the house.

Ben’s eviction was met with much despair both from his fellow housemates and those watching at home. Tim, meanwhile, went onto win the season and even made a comeback for the most recent season of Big Brother.

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This time around, Tim managed to make it to sixth place, while fellow OG Reggie Sorensen re-claimed the crown.

Off-screen, he is happily dating Adam Freeth.

On Adam’s birthday in July 2021, Tim took to social media to share a tender message to the love of his life.

“Happy Birthday Adam. You’re kind, smart, sexy, strong and secure to challenge & bring out the best in me…everything I’ve been looking for!” Tim penned.

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