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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Nick spills on Mel’s betrayal and THAT final cheeky comment

''Just stuck that dagger in a tiny bit further.''
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Big Brother housemates Daniel, Nick and Mel forged a seemingly unbreakable alliance on night one of the show.

The trio proved a force to be reckoned with during the first weeks of the show until the tables were suddenly turned and they found themselves outnumbered.

Without a target on their backs, colour blind house painter Nick, was the first of the OG group to fall.

During his final moments in the house as the votes were read out it, it became clear his alliance wasn’t as strong as it seemed – Mel, also up for eviction, had voted him out, despite agreeing to vote for Ari.


Dan and Nick formed a close bond.

(Channel Seven)

Addressing the not-so-subtle dig, Nick tells: “It was a huge surprise to hear Ari only got one vote when it was read out and I knew straight away that was my vote,” Nick tells Now To Love exclusively.

“She obviously put her vote on me to save herself but fair play to her, she obviously wanted it more than I did, there’s no hard feelings.”

As he bid goodbye to Mel before leaving the house the 29-year-old handed over Daniel’s jacket, which he’d borrowed for the eviction, before asking whether he should trust her with it.

“I think if it was six votes versus seven votes and Mel put a vote on me to completely save herself in the game, I would have completely understood.

But, considering I got 10 or 11 votes, she just stuck that dagger in a tiny bit further [laughs].”

It wasn’t hard to do the math on these votes.

(Channel Seven)

True to the loveable larrikin persona we’ve come to know on screen, Nick has come to laugh the whole thing off, admitting he was only “angry for maybe a minute”.

“You just forget you’re playing a game, you become such good friends with these people.”

The trio have remained close post-show with both Dan and Mel attending Nick’s wedding last month.

While some housemates have spoken out and caused a stir after their eviction by calling out their fellow Big Brother stars for various behaviour, Nick doesn’t see the point in the drama.

“It’s a game and for some reason, some people are coming off the show and flagging other the contestants. It’s just a real sad look.”

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