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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Renata spills on that heated exit from the show and why she refused to say goodbye to certain housemates

''I felt betrayed.''
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We’re only three episodes in but already this year’s Big Brother nominations room is proving a hot bed of emotions.

Tonight it claimed housemate and mother-of-two, Renata, who was sent packing after a fiery face-off with Jess.

Renata didn’t hide her feelings about her nomination, suggesting Jess was being manipulated and persuaded by fellow housemate Katie in her decision.

Renata wasn’t happy with her nomination.

(Channel Seven)

Speaking exclusively to Now To Love post-eviction, Renata stands by her feelings.

“I knew I had a target on my back and I never felt safe or comfortable, however when the new housemates come I didn’t have time to bond with them,” the 45-year-old explains.

“I think I bonded with Jess and for her to nominate me, it was surprising and I was upset.

“I knew where it’s coming from – she was influenced by Katie.”

Renata called out Jess in the nominations room for wearing Katie’s shirt.

(Channel Seven)

Before heading to the nominations room Renata accused Jess of being “weak” in a tense showdown.

“Somebody has to go home every night and that’s okay, however her reason was because I was strong. All of us were strong. That reason was implanted as revenge by Katie.”

As the votes were cast and Renata’s fate sealed she said goodbye to her fellow housemates.

Well, most of them anyway.

“Goodluck with these idiots,” Renata whispered to Daniel as she hugged him on the way out.

(Channel Seven)

Fans may have noticed Christina’s shock when Renata blanked her before moving on to farewell someone else. As for Katie, she didn’t get a second glance, and Renata says she’d be lucky to get a “hello” from her either.

“I felt betrayed, not everyone had to vote me out and be so fake in the house because people felt that I was going so it’s probably better to be on Katie’s side.

“I didn’t want to say bye to everyone because I felt emotional as well.”

As she departed the house, Renata called her former housemates “sheep” and she’s not about to apologise for it.

“There is only a few strong players and the rest is going with the flow.”

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