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EXCLUSIVE: Big Brother’s Keiran has a genius plan that might see him win the whole thing

Evil or genius?
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He was up for elimination in the very first episode, described by his fellow housemates as “a dead mouse in the corner” and a “ship that’s sunk to the bottom of the ocean”.

But Kieran Davidson has somehow stayed alive on Big Brother, continuing to bring the drama and telling TV WEEK it’s all part of his “evil genius” game plan!

“People underestimate me because I’m a bigger guy and I don’t do much cardio,” the 21-year-old YouTube sensation and film-school graduate from Adelaide explains.

“And because of my age and the fact I still live at home, I’m not the kind of person you’d think might be a powerhouse on Big Brother. But once I put my mind to something, I never give up.”

Is Kieran this season’s underdog?

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A BB mega-fan, Kieran idolises season 10 winner Tim Dormer, saying, “He stirred the pot because he knew the viewers would enjoy it. That’s what I want to do – leave my morals at the door and go in for a good time.

“Lying, cheating and backstabbing are frowned on in the real world, but on Big Brother, you’re fighting for a quarter of a million dollars!”

Kieran put in the prep-work before entering the house this season.

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Kieran prepped by watching former seasons of Big Brother and Australian Survivor: All Stars, saying he admired model David Genat, “because he could really manipulate the game and entice the audience”.

But this week, his game plan starts to crumble.

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“My strategy is like a house built on bad foundations,” Kieran admits.

“You get to the fourth storey and it all gets knocked down on a really windy day. I have to rebuild or else I’m on the chopping block again.

“But I’m constantly moving, changing and adapting. Australia might see me as an evil genius, but also as a total moron.”

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