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Get lurking… Here’s every Big Brother contestant on Instagram

Time for a good old-fashioned deep dive.
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Strap yourselves in folks, Big Brother is about to become your new TV obsession for 2020, and boy is the content at a peak.

But sometimes, the show itself isn’t enough to satisfy our thirst for info on the addictive shpw.

Yep, we’re guessing you’ve found yourself turning to Instagram for some extra details – there’s nothing quite like gaining a little insight on the past lives of the quirky contestants.

The eclectic group includes international models, ex AFL-stars and every day Aussies from all walks of life and all age brackets (19 to 62, to be exact).

“It’s just a really good mix of people and great personality types, everything from your shy and retiring to your alpha personalities,” host Sonia Kruger has revealed to WHO.

Moving from Nine to Channel Seven to host Big Brother for a second time, Sonia says the housemates this time around are “compelling.”

The beloved host also confirmed there will be a Big Brother romance amongst two of the housemates.

“I can’t say too much about it, but you will see that unfold,” she says.

“It’s a beautiful romance. It’s not salacious.

“That kind of love affair in the house I’m happy to see,” she told New Idea.

Sonia Kruger is hosting the 2020 season of Big Brother.


With $250,000 up for grabs, Big Brother won’t make it easy for his house guests.

Aside from cooking, cleaning, recycling and doing their own laundry, the contestants will compete in gruelling challenges and games.

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Winning challenges in the house could be the difference between winning and losing the entire competition, as Sonia admits this revived Big Brother series is very similar to Survivor.

“Things get a little bit awkward and heated,” she teased to WHO.

“They’ll either vote for whoever has played a brilliant strategic game or they may vote with their heart and go with the person they love the most,” Sonia says.

Take a peak at the contestants’ social pages below and judge for yourself who you’ll love and love to hate.


You can follow Zoe on either her Big Brother dedicated account (@zoe_bbau) or her blog page for The Subtle Mummy.


Talia may look like a “girly girl” but she’s said to be able to “hold her own with the boys.”


Elusive “surfer boy” Xavier is one of the only contestants who have kept his profile on private. How mysterious!

If you want to try your luck or keep an eye out for a switch to public you can find his handle: @xavier_moly.


Champion gymnast Sophie is sure to bring a competitive edge to the house, possibly starting with her dance moves.


Captioning this snap, Shane says “never short of laughs” and we don’t doubt it.

Shane is described as “an effervescent husband and father-of-three with a wicked sense of humour.”


The youngest housemate, at 19 years old, Sarah looks like a bundle of fun and energy.


Born and bred in outback NSW, he’s first and foremost a country boy.

We’re hoping he bring a little bit of this country colour and hospitality to the house.


Once part of eighties aerobics group the Cancan Sisters, Marissa now works her magic in makeup artistry, so you’ll find a lot of glamorous looks on her page.


The Melbourne dance teacher and self-professed Fiji Warrior Princess’ gram is full of edgy looks and killer dance clips.


Good luck getting through Kieran’s feed without giggling at his hilarious antics and horrid driving skills.


Do we spot a potential friendship already? AFL may be a great way for Hanna and fellow contestant, ex-AFL star Daniel Gorringe to bond.


You won’t find any selfies on the ALF star’s Instagram page, just countless videos of pranks, viral challenges and cheeky antics.


Adelaide delivery driver SooBong has been a singer, ski instructor, casino dealer, personal trainer, golf coach, sound engineer and vocal coach, but according to his Instagram (@soobonghwang) he’s a “Ninja warrior and Ninja Trainer.”


Described by Big Brother as “fab, fun and a little naughty,” we’d say his Instagram page is exactly the same.


Married mother-of-two Danni feels she’s going to bring the “real” to this reality competition, and judging by her page, she’s the real deal.


Part-time international model, part-time tradie, we’re eager to see how both facets of Chad’s personality play out in the Big Brother house.


Don’t let Allan’s smiling snaps fool you, Big Brother warns: “Being mediocre just doesn’t cut it for this self-described master manipulator.”


We have a feeling this boss-mumma will be making big moves in the house.


Casey may be a “self-described bogan,” but her Instagram oozes cool with the attitude to match, her bio reading: “It’s all gravy baby.”

This article originally appeared on our sister site, WHO.

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