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It's time to reminisce... Pete! Original Big Brother housemate Peter Timbs reveals what he's up to now

20 years later, Pete says he'd do it all over again.

By Rebecca Sullivan
With the brand-new reboot season of Big Brother kicking off next week, we've been feeling a little nostalgic about the original version of the hit reality TV show.
And now one of the star housemates from the very first season of Big Brother in 2000, Pete Timbs, has spoken out for the first time about what his life is like now, 20 years after he made his onscreen debut.
During a live interview on The Morning Show on Monday from his home in Byron Bay, Pete reminisced with hosts Kylie Gillies and Larry Emdur about his time on the show.
Pete revealed he was cast on BB all thanks to winning a local radio competition.
"I was actually between jobs at the time. I was working in a bottle shop, I'd just finished wine vintage, was looking to move to WA and this came up over the radio... I won a competition on Triple M," Pete explained.
"I was excited because I'd won a competition on Triple M!" They got me into the finals of 200-300 people and made my way through there and the rest is history!"
Pete Timbs pictured during his Big Brother days. Image: AAP
So young, so fresh! Image: Channel Nine
He spent "49 days" in the house before being evicted - and revealed that while he was inside, he and the other contestants really had no idea the show was becoming a giant success on the outside.
When asked if he and his housemates realised how massive the show had become, Pete replied: "No way!"
He added: "We could hear the crowd in the background every time there was an eviction on a Sunday, but we thought Big Brother was messing with us. We just thought that it was canned laughter and canned cheering, so we thought there's no way this show is going to work. All we're doing is playing beach volleyball, swimming in the pool, reading books, that can't be interesting to watch!"
Once in the house, Pete enjoyed a brief filing with felling housemate Christina Davis, aka "Christina Ballerina", and the pair's steamy "dancing doona" romp made national headlines at the time.
Pete appeared on The Morning Show via video link this week. Image: Channel Seven
Pete pictured holding the menu of his cafe, The Italian Diner. Image: Instagram
Pete now runs a cafe called The Italian Diner in Byron Bay and is constantly recognised by locals, "everyday, all the time".
"I get people saying 'Did we go to school together? Were you a barista in Perth? Do I know you? Where do I know you from?"
And if you're wondering which housemates he still keeps in touch with from his season, he spilled all the goss.
"Blair [McDonough] lives literally 10 minutes from my house, I talk to Macca every couple of weeks and Benny was with me in Byron over Christmas. Sarah-Marie [Fedele] I've lost contact with, Jemma [Gawned] I keep in contact with a little bit. Johnny... I've seen him a little bit recently, because Facebook helps us keep in contact a little bit too."
When asked if he would sign up for the show again, Pete replied: "Yeah, in a heartbeat, especially this new one!"
He continued: "This new one's going to be amazing. There's an eviction every night, there's challenges, you're allowed to talk about nominations and who you're going to vote for. This twist I think is really going to take it to the next level and everyone's going to love it. it's a great concept."
WATCH BELOW: Find out about the big twist on Big Brother this year. Story continues after video.
The new season of Big Brother, which premieres next week, will look and feel slightly different to the old series.
Filmed in a purpose-built mansion in Sydney's Manly, the housemates have been in lockdown for months, well before the coronavirus pandemic hit.
There will be an elimination each night, plus they will be able to nominate people they want to see leave - and those votes will be made public for all the housemates to see.
Let the drama begin!

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