How Minee plans to shake up the Big Brother “boys club”

Minee the mover.
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In a shocking twist, Big Brother housemate Minee, gets a chance to stick it to the boys this week after a raft of female eliminations.

“I was trying to avoid voting out women because I really wanted to get the girls to rise up and stay in the game,” Minee tells TV WEEK.

Minee has one thing on her mind: revenge.

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“Throughout the whole game, the guys were just picking off the women one by one.”

The 22-year-old model from Perth faces eviction this week, but in a surprise move, Big Brother ships her and 24-year-old personal assistant, Graciemae, to his secret “half house” where they are given another shot to stay in the game.

“I was saying to myself, ‘Please let there be an open door, I don’t want to go home, my time here isn’t done,'” she says. “I felt like I hadn’t given my all yet to the show or shown everyone what I was capable of, so I was over the moon to be chosen.”

In Big Brother‘s half house, where the duo is half in and half out of the game, they plot their revenge on a group of boys who in her opinion, have been pulling the strings unfairly for far too long.

Model Minee isn’t ready to go home just yet.

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“I found myself getting easily manipulated into who everyone else wanted me to vote for, particularly Louis [her love interest in the house],” Minee explains. “And it wasn’t just me, it was also the girls around me.”

The time in the half house gave her the opportunity to analyse the relationship dynamics in the house and strategise how to shift them, should she be allowed back in.

“I realised that I’m no longer playing for these guys,” she declares. “It gave me the scare that I needed to put me in a position where I was willing to go so much further than anyone else to win.”

Will Minee make her way back into Big Brother‘s house and disrupt the boys club that has formed?

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