Louis reveals the cheeky tricks Big Brother producers played on contestants

Mind games.
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In Big Brother’s house you are stripped of many of life’s pleasures and things that most people take for granted, one of which, contestant Louis Phillips shares, is simply knowing the time of day.

“If we were going between challenges, I would pass a producer and I’d say, ‘Good morning,'” Louis, 24, tells TV WEEK.

“It would really muck with your head.”

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“It was clearly the morning, but they would say, ‘Good afternoon,’ and you’d spend the rest of the day trying to work out what time it was. It would really muck with your head.”

This week on Big Brother, two new intruders are thrown into the house. One of those intruders, Oli, has a thing for Louis’ love interest, Minee, causing a major split in the house that none of the contestants saw coming.

“I felt like I was in school again,” the social media manager says.

There is a divide coming between the boys and girls.

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“Everything was going really well and then the girl I had a crush on turned against me completely. Some feelings came back that really took me back [to school].”

This shift creates a stark divide between the boys and girls, with all the contestants becoming far more strategic as alliances are pushed to their limits.

“It felt like Lord Of The Flies [a book about a group of boys deserted on an island],” Louis says. “You’ll see as we go further into the series, but it was absolutely mental – brutal even.”

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With filming having taken place in 2022, it’s been over a year since Louis left the Big Brother house, and despite aspects of the experience being “very confronting”, there are parts he cherishes dearly.

“It hasn’t been shown that much but Josh, Lewis and I were really close and attached at the hip,” he reveals. “I miss the jokes and the constant laughs.”

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