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Meet the contestants heading into Big Brother Australia’s 2023 love shack

Big Brother is getting a serious shake-up.
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Big Brother Australia is back and bringing a bunch of sexy young singles to your screens for 2023. Unlike other seasons, the 15 single housemates won’t just be vying for a shot at $100,000, but at love too.

Hosted by TV WEEK Gold Logie Award winner Sonia Kruger, the contestants will be locked away in the famous custom-built Big Brother house, where more than 80 cameras and microphones will capture every cheeky hook-up, doona dance and dramatic showdown.

Sonia Kruger returns to host Big Brother 2023.

(Image: Seven)

With this season’s contestants facing a completely new set of rules, challenges and jaw-dropping twists while completely cut off from the outside world, will they remember we’re all watching?

Continue scrolling to see all the Big Brother Australia 2023 contestants.

(Image: Seven)


Teejay, 26, Business Development Manager

Teejay is an intruder in the 2023 season.

(Image: Seven)


Bella, 25, Gymnastics Coach

Bella is an intruder in the 2023 season.

(Image: Seven)


Annelise, 24, Pilates Instructor/Dancer

(Image: Seven)


Dion, 26, Lighting Designer

(Image: Seven)

Gracie Mae

Gracie Mae, 24, Personal Assistant

(Image: Seven)


Jake, 25, Carpenter

(Image: Seven)


Josh, 28, Traction Linesman

(Image: Seven)


Lewis, 26, Carpenter

(Image: Seven)


Luke, 33, Tradesman

(Image: Seven)


Minee, 22, Model

(Image: Seven)


Quan, 33, Policy Manager

(Image: Seven)

Tay and Ari

Tay (left), 23 and Ari (right),21, Social Media Influencers

(Image: Seven)


Louis, 24, Social Media Manager

(Image: Seven)


Taylah, 27, Sheep Farmer

(Image: Seven)


Zach, 22, House Painter

(Image: Seven)

Anna Sophia

Anna Sophia, 30, Luxury Fashion Manager

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