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Two new housemates flip Ari’s Big Brother experience upside down

House of chaos.
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Two intruders shake up the Big Brother house this week and make TikTok star Ari’s life a nightmare.

“They were the first new people to come into the house,” Ari, 20, explains. “We were so excited, but I was a little bit nervous.”

From left: Annelise, Jake and Ari. Jake and Ari have been getting to know each in the Big Brother house.

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The resident “baddie”, Ari, a Gen Z term for an attractive brunette with “bad girl energy”, was pleasantly surprised when Teejay, 26, walked in as he was her “type to a T”.

“He had green eyes, tattoos, he was quite good looking,” Ari says. “He had a young, fun energy, and he loved TikTok and that’s what I do for work.”

The only issue with this is that up until this point, Ari had been getting to know Jake, 25, so knew pursuing Teejay could potentially ruin her chances with him.

To help gain some clarity, Ari is given the opportunity to explore her connection with Jake on a steamy date, and Big Brother turns the temperature up on them – literally.

Teejay’s intrusion confused Ari as she had previously been getting along with Jake, but Teejay is apparently her “type to a T”.

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“It was the best date,” she says. “It was very hot and very spicy. Jake and I had a very fun friendship and relationship vibe from the start.”

While this is occurring, Big Brother also sends Teejay and Bella on a date, where Bella begins to crush on her fellow housemate.

Being the pot stirrer he is, Big Brother then decides to partner Ari and Teejay together in a challenge, each to the dismay of their respective love interests.

“We did have a good connection,” Ari says. “Whether it was just a friendship, we had some kind of underlying thing and I think as soon as we got separated from the whole chaos of the house, it definitely allowed us to get to know each other more.”

Unfortunately for Bella, the duo getting along was not something she wanted to see.

“I think she always knew that I might have liked Teejay and just wasn’t saying anything,” Ari says. “I genuinely really liked her, and I thought, ‘Damn, this might ruin our friendship.’ When I did tell her, she did not react well. But I think she was reacting for the camera, not for how she actually felt.”

Who will Ari choose to pursue things with, and will it divide the Big Brother house?

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