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“More rooms, more secrets, more than meets the eye”: Here’s everything we know about Big Brother’s huge 2021 season

''If you thought there was drama in the first one, wait until you see this.''
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Anticipation over the revival of beloved reality series Big Brother last year was at an all-time high.

Channel Seven was the third Australian network to take on the OG series, and after putting a fresh new spin on the show, it’s safe to say fans were not disappointed.

Off the back of the show’s 2020 success a return this year was, much to our delight, all but guaranteed.

This year the show is promising more, more, more which is only fuelling the flames of our excitement.

Here’s everything we know about Big Brother‘s 2021 season…

The house

In the first teaser for the show’s return the enigma that is Big Brother promises more games and challenges plus, brand new rooms in the Big Brother house.

While the location of the house – at Manly, New South Wales’s north head – remains the same, the house itself appears to have changed.

“My house has been transformed. More rooms, more secrets, more than meets the eye,” the cryptic voiceover reveals.

In the clip we can see a number of hidden rooms of which housemates are climbing up secret ladders and through holes in the couch to get to.


In the clip we can see a lounge opening and smoke billowing out, before…

(Channel Seven)

Someone is captured on night-vision climbing INTO the lounge – WHAT?!

(Channel Seven)

The contestants

While every contestant destined for the house is yet to be confirmed, there have been a few familiar and famous faces identified already.

After being photographed entering the house late last year it’s no surprise to see TV presenter, DJ and podcaster, Flex Mami appear in the first teaser for the show.

The multi-talented social media star, whose real name is Lillian Ahenkan, can be seen strutting down the street.

“Big Brother intrigues me,” she says in the clip, “my life is one big social game.”

TV Blackbox also revealed that magician and comedian Christopher Wayne, who forms one half of The Naked Magicians duo is also one of the upcoming stars.

Meanwhile The Daily Telegraph has reported fashionista Sarah Jane Adams and fitness influencer Katie Williams will also enter the house.

Confirmed: Flex Mami is heading into the house.

(Channel Seven)

The drama

Sonia Kruger is returning to the helm as the show’s host and recently revealed to Who that this year will be bigger and better.

“The season we’ve just finished shooting now, if you thought there was drama in the first one, wait until you see this,” she said.

“The people are really playing the game hard, they watched the last season and they know they have to make friends fast and get people on side. Boy does it turn fast though, there are some major blindsides throughout the season.

“There’s a whole bunch of surprises and twists – it’s a really great season.”

Sonia’s face says it all.

(Channel Seven)

The premiere

Exactly when Big Brother will premiere is yet to be confirmed.

Last year’s season began on June 8, however, with filming for this season already wrapped we could see a much earlier start date for 2021.

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