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10 geeks are seeking 10 beauties on the all new season of Beauty and the Geek

And yes, the makeover challenge is back.
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They say opposites attract, and while the tried and tested art of looking outside of your comfort zone to find love can be successful, there is one show that takes this to the next level.

Glamorous folk and niche eccentrics unite for the return of TVs most fun and heart-warming dating show, Beauty and the Geek.

This year ten beauties and ten geeks will meet to tackle a series of real-life challenges as they search for either a romantic spark or a lifelong friendship.

Also, it wouldn’t be right if the show didn’t revive its iconic makeover challenge, and luckily, it’s on record that it’s back! And there will be some jaw-dropping reveals.

Every night a winning couple will have a one-on-one date to help them foster a unique bond.

However, couples who lose will have to brave the uncomfortable bottom two.

The one couple that succeeds above the rest will get to take home a whopping $100,000.

This beauty will be taking on hosting duties.

(Credit: Instagram)

This year the big-hearted show will be hosted by the dazzling and off-beat Sophie Monk.

Of course, this isn’t Sophie’s first foray hosting a dating show, she has hosted two seasons of Love Island Australia, and she famously attempted to find love on The Bachelorette in 2017.

Beauty and the Geek premiers on Sunday, July 11, at 7:00 pm on Channel Nine.

Now for what you have been waiting for, here are your 2021 beauties and geeks.



Bryanna, 29

This entertainment reporter enjoys rollerblading and the beach. She considers herself the Bridget Jones of Australia because she has never had a boyfriend. She is looking for a partner who shares her values, attitudes and philosophies.


Jessica A

Jessica A, 19

She may be young, but Jessica is hustling hard. She is currently studying Screen Production and Journalism and sells ethical handmade clothing and accessories on the side. She grew up watching the show, and she is looking for someone who is a male version of herself, nice, introverted and gentle.



Eliza, 21

Eliza has a big personality that is bursting with enthusiasm and energy. She enjoys being a young woman living in Bondi and claims she is a bit of a wild child. Eliza believes her strength is that she doesn’t take herself seriously but also her downside is she doesn’t think before she speaks.



Gabrielle, 20

This stunner is a student, and she is studying Criminology. Her personality is easygoing and composed, which puts people at ease in her presence. When she isn’t at Uni, Gabrielle likes to paint and draw. After dating a string of men who were the wrong thing at the wrong time, she is excited to see what her journey on Beauty and the Geek brings.



Aira, 23

This NSW native claims she is the Kim Kardashian of her local community and describes herself as ditzy and funny. Although she doesn’t struggle in the dating department because men are always approaching her, she has been single for two years because she is picky.


Jess H

Jess H, 23

Jess may be a secret geek because she can recite the 30 elements of the periodic table by memory. She also has a degree in Bachelor of Media in Journalism and has a Certificate in Meteorology. Jess is a self-professed girl next door, and she is looking forward to making new friends on the show.



Ashleigh, 31

If a Disney princess was a real-life person, it’s Ashleigh. She spent the past five years working in Japan as a performer at a large theme park, where she dressed up as cartoon characters, superheroes and princesses. She is also probably the only person ever who is a lover of awkward silences because her personality contains the dualities of shy and confident.



Josie, 21

The full-time dancer is a country girl at heart, and she has a bubbly but laid back personality. Josie considers herself unlocking in love because after moving to Sydney, she has only encountered casual relationships and nothing lasting.



Kiera, 23

Kiera works as a public servant for the Victorian Government, and her life motto is “talent will get you in the door and personality will keep you in the room.” She describes herself as Chaotic, romantic, fun but occasionally crumbles under pressure.



Leticia, 25

This pint-sized beauty’s big personality fills rooms with her energy. She is a dental receptionist whose carefree attitude can cause her to sing while operating the front desk. She claims her dating life is non-existent and that she hasn’t even been on a date – she decided to apply for the show because she loves when two worlds collide.



George, 27

George has aspirations of becoming an action movie star. But until then, he is an escape room game master who plays Dungeons and Dragons professionally. He is nervous about the romantic side of the show, but he is looking forward to the challenge.



Frank, 28

Frank is an emergency doctor who is academically driven but is also obsessed with sports like footy and wrestling. He has a loud, charismatic, and good-humoured personality. However, because he gets nervous around women, he hopes to meet his first girlfriend on the show.



Jackson, 19

Jackson moved to Adelaide a few years ago from Britain. The brit has an extensive hat collection and has a humorous fashion sense, which he knows is a little out there. Jackson is looking forward to sharing his first kiss with a genuine girl who is up for banter.



James, 25

James has been a Cosplayer for ten years, and Superman is his go-to character. Although he is initially shy and reserved, once he is comfortable, his adventurous side emerges. James has never been in a relationship or shared a kiss, but he’s keen to push himself out of his comfort zone.



Sam, 23

Sam, aka Napoleon Dynamite (see afro above), is a big footy fan who works at his local grocery store. He is a confident person who is open to new things and likes to hang out with his friends. Sam’s ideal first date is either watching the footy or having a drink at the local pub.



Kiran, 30

The law graduate who is currently working at a tech start-up is a big lover of cinema and comic books. However, he considers himself a little awkward and doesn’t like the idea of approaching someone at a bar and dating apps terrify him. Although he likes being alone, he is worried he is almost too comfortable.



Alexander, 26

This eccentric tutor has a Bachelor of Science majoring in Neuroscience, a Diploma of Mathematics and Statistics, and is currently completing his Master of Teaching. Alex likes to keep himself busy by juggling, playing video games, going to restaurants, snowboarding, and listening to classical music. He hopes to improve his social schools and forge some meaningful friendships.



Kyle, 22

Kyle is a lover of military history and specifically historic battles, and he is a regular member of the Society for Creative Anarchism. This group meets to re-enact historical battles. The last relationship he had was during high school, but he has since found it difficult to know if a girl is interested.



Lachlan, 32

The 32-year-old runs a small motorsports PR agency, and he is hoping to finally break out of the friend zone and have a relationship. In his ideal world, his partner would be smart and help him get out of his shell.



Mitchell, 28

Mitchell dreams of becoming a video game designer or a screenwriter because he is passionate about sci-fi and thriller movies. He isn’t looking for a girlfriend because he still lives with his parents, but he wants to have his first kiss. He considers himself mature, considerate but at times a little devious.

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