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Remember these Bachelor in Paradise stars? They look totally different after huge beauty and body transformations

It's been a while since they graced our screens and a lot has changed for these Bachie alums.
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Long before these reality TV hotties found fame on the small screen, they were just average people living with the same wrinkles and slightly uneven smiles so many of us have.

Our imperfections are often what make us beautiful, but after rocketing into the public eye plenty of these BIP stars decided to take their looks into their own hands.

Though it only ran for three seasons, Bachelor in Paradise produced a whole host of huge body and beauty transformations among its stars.

From Michael Turnbull, Keira Maguire and of course Ali Oetjen, their makeovers have been seriously impressive.

Keep scrolling to see before and after the biggest Bachelor in Paradise transformations of all time!

Ali Oetjen

Ali had already been through a bit of a transformation after appearing on season one of The Bachelor, sparking rumours of Botox and filler injections.

Responding to the claims in 2018, Ali cryptically told Stav, Abbey and Matt on HIT105: “I hadn’t even had Botox in my forehead before.”

“Maybe my face isn’t moving cause I’m not reacting to the [other Bachie] girls’ comment.”

But the biggest makeover came after her second reality TV stint, when she adopted a new ultra-fit lifestyle.

Now a buff exercise junki, Ali is looking tougher than ever in her regular workout videos and bikini snaps on Instagram.

Just take a peek at her unreal abs in the photos below to see how much she’s changed.

Apollo Jackson

Apollo Jackson already had one hell of a transformation before his time with the Bachie franchise, .

When he was 22, he suffered a heart attack after serious weight gain, then shed half his bodyweight after the life-changing experience.

“I went through a period where I was crazy stressed, so I ended up overweight. I put on 40 kilos, weighing 150kg, was mega-stressed, not happy and went through a bit of depression. Then I had a heart attack,” he told us in 2017.

“I ended up in critical care for two weeks and I just reassessed my life. I just went, ‘OK, what do I really want in my life?'”

He continued his fitness journey after BIP and these days he’s looking tougher than ever.

Apollo is more ripped than ever these days.

(Image: Instagram)

Keira Maguire

Keira’s never shied away from the fact she’s gone under the knife and has admitted to undergoing a $35,000 cosmetic surgery transformation seeing herself on TV.

The reality star has had Botox, filler, a nose job and a breast augmentation, going from an A cup to a full C.

“It was a really big decision for me, but then I had to think back… I’ve wanted this for 10 years. They’re the best boobs I’ve ever seen,” the 31-year-old told NW.

Looking back on her transformation, Keira says she has no regrets.

“I think, although people can look at me like [I’m superficial], these changes make me happy and they make me feel like me. It’s not all about looks, but if you can enhance something or improve something, I’m all about it.”

But the star has changed even more drastically in the years since her BIP appearance.

Gone are the blonde locks and she’s embraced a more natural look… sort of.

The glamorous TV personality still loves her full lips and false lashes, but she definitely looks very different today.

Ciarran Stott

He was the tattooed blonde hunk who stole hearts with his fluffy hair and cheeky grin, but what does Ciarran look like now?

Years after gracing our screens on BIP, the star is now living the short hair life and has embraced his natural darker colour.

He’s also covered in even more tattoos, though it’s hard to believe he found the space for them on his ultra-inked body.

Alex Nation

Alex has gone through plenty of hair colours and styles since her Bachie days, but the mum’s comsetic tranformation came in 2019.

“I did my frown, forehead and crows feet Botox,” Alex revealed at the time, sharing before and after photos online.

“Then under eye filler, subtle cheek volume, and defined the chin and jawline! All very subtle and small doses. I’m really happy.”

She’s also looking fresher than ever with her new dark hair in 2022, but we’re sure she’ll be rocking the blonde again before long.

Check out Alex’s before and after shots.

(Image: Instagram)

Nina Rolleston

After starring on Sam Wood’s season of The Bachelor in 2015, Nina Rollerston dropped 12 kilos and went under the knife in Bangkok for a breast augmentation.

“It wasn’t a conscious decision to lose weight,” she explained to TV WEEK at the time.

“Basically, I was terrified about turning 30. But once I did [become slimmer], everything changed. My career blossomed, my friendships went from strength to strength, and I just started loving myself more.”

But long after her BIP days, the star decided to have her implants removed in 2021 after experiencing Breast Implant Illness.

“After years of health issues and finding out one of my implants is ruptured it’s finally time to get them removed,” she wrote in January that year.

These days she’s much happier with her figure and her health after the explant surgery.

Florence Moerenhout

Since her time on BIP, Flo has said hello to long darker tresses and a much fuller pout – oh, and a new nose.

The stunner headed to Thailand in 2019 for a rhinoplasty, giving her the cute cutton nose she sports today.

She’s also confessed to undergoing ‘tear trough treatment’ to correct her under-eye bags in the past and by her fresh-faced look in 2022 we have a feeling it worked!

Timm Hanley

This hunk hasn’t changed too much since his Bachie days, though he’s added a few more tattoos to the collection on his body.

As well as changing up his hair from time to time – including a very memorable blonde mullet moment – Timm has also had his teeth straighted.

Timm rocked a blonde mulllet for a while too.

(Image: Instagram)

Laurina Fleure

Laurina admits she’s had “lots of work done” and we say all power to her!

“I have had quite a few cheeky little nips and tucks,” the 34-year-old has said.

“I started off having my ears pinned back. I’ve had my breasts done. I’ve had scar augmentations on my tummy. I’ve had liposuction in my armpits to take away the perspiration glands so I don’t sweat.

“And I have Botox as well. My forehead still moves but the frown lines don’t. I’ve had a peel. I am all for plastic surgery. I love it. I’ve got nothing to hide.”

Since leaving BIP, she’s continued to refine her features – but there’s a hint of the girl she once was peeking through too, just compare the photos below.

Leah Costa

There’s nothing we appreciate more than an honest reality star and despite her “villain” status, Leah Costa has been totally transparent when it comes to her beauty journey.

In 2017, the then-24-year-old shared a video on social media confirming she was getting filler and cheek implants.

The difference in her appearance was clear and she kept up her glamorous look through her BIP stint.

But after the COVID-19 pandemic and multiple lockdowns, the former reality TV star seems to have taken a new approach to beauty.

Debuting a more pared-back look in 2022, Leah has ditched the makeup and blow-outs and embraced bare-faced beauty.

Check out the before and after photos of her pre- and post-pandemic below.

Lisa Hyde

She’s a total knockout that has caught everyone’s eye, especially Luke McLeod’s, but has Lisa gotten friendly with the Botox?

Though the brunnette has never commented on her youthful looks, some fans think she’d had help with keeping her skin so perfect through the years.

Now a mum-of-one, she’s managed to stay stunning even through the newborn years, but maybe it’s just awesome genetics.

Brittney Weldon

She was iconic for her tipsy antics, but since her time on Bachie and BIP, Brittney has also undergone a bit of a transformation.

She lopped off her long locks for a chic blunt bob and her pout is definitely looking fuller these days.

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