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EXCLUSIVE: “We are very different couples!” Bachelor In Paradise’s Mary and Conor reveal why they’re the opposite of Glenn and Alisha

From one Bachelor in Paradise poster couple to another.
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Bachelor In Paradise‘s highly anticipated finale aired on Aussie screens with a refreshingly pure ending last night – and for that, we have two poster couples to thank.

Indeed the romances to play out between Mary Viturino and Conor Canning, as well as Alisha Aitken-Radburn and her unexpected beau Glenn Smith have captured the hearts of the nation – for a good reason.

Of course, the show itself is always rife with drama – it’s reality TV after all – but to see a genuine love story play out between some of the cast-members is something to behold.

It might sound ridiculous given the entire show is about finding love, but such wholesome, all-rounded happy relationships to stem from the Bachie franchise are few and far between.

And between the two lasting couples from season three of Paradise, it’s Mary and Conor who truly are an exemption to the rule.

Now To Love caught up with the pair after the finale aired, just as they went public with their relationship – and their new family dynamic with Mary’s six-year-old daughter Chanel.

After moving to Tasmania, the pair have been going solid for nine months and counting – and already, they’re gearing up to take the next step.

Keep scrolling as we talk about the show, their future plans and why they’re the show’s real one true pairing.

Now To Love: Guys! Congratulations on a successful Bachelor stint. How are you feeling after watching the finale go to air?

Mary: It’s a bit weird actually, now we can actually go out in public together!

You gave the whole ‘keep it under wraps’ thing a good go, but there were a couple of spoilers and clues that suggested you two were still together – how did you deal with that?

Conor: : [Laughs], it’s been really hard to keep Mary low-key because she’s such a vibrant personality, but we’ve done our best to keep it quiet.

And how is life in Tassie treating you?

Conor: Mary and Chanel and I are all holed up now, but we’re looking for a bigger house.

Mary: We’d love to get a bigger space with a backyard that’s not too far from school [for Chanel] either.

Mary and Conor are keen to find a bigger place to share with Mary’s six-year-old daughter, Chanel.


Mary, being originally from regional Victoria, what made you want to make the big move over to Tasmania – aside from Conor?

Mary: Well, it was mainly coronavirus that made me move over. I was living in a small country town but I love being around the city and Tasmania is good because you get the city vibe but at the same time you get that small town vibe.

And how does Conor get along with Chanel? He looks like a total natural in the photos!

Mary: Oh he is a natural [laughs].

They spend lots of time together. Conor sometimes does the drop off at school for me and yeah, they just get along very very well.

Conor: I think it’s great, Mary thinks I’m a big kid anyway, like I love watching Disney movies and it’s just nice to come home from work and have a warm environment.

Have you guys discussed having kids of your own together some day?

Conor: I think I’ve always wanted a big family, so we’re both keen on the idea. We’ll have to see what happens down the track!

The pair are keen on the idea of expanding their family…

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Which Bachelor in Paradise cast members are you still in touch with?

Conor: Quite a few, I still get a lot of messages from Glenn and Jamie, and also Timm and Gilly. We formed some strong friendships.

Mary: I’m still talking to Renee and Cass and Jess and lots of others – Kiki and Alisha. We’ll always keep in touch.

We were often talking while watching the episodes, sort of being like to each other, ‘Oh my gosh, did you see how this happened [on-screen]!’

With Glenn and Alisha being the other poster couple of the series, do you think you guys are similar at all?

Mary: We are very different couples. I was always a settled down kind of girl – like I’m already on the next step, and bit of a mum. I’m more in that kind of life stage.

But Glenn and Alisha haven’t had children yet and are just enjoying each other’s time. But I have my BFF here and child next to me – it’s quite different!

What about those wild rumours that Glenn and Alisha, er, got with other people immediately after filming Paradise?

Conor: I didn’t believe that when I first heard about it, and I don’t know what actually happened.

And of course, criticism on various aspects of the show are part and parcel, but what do you guys have to say to how people have received the actions that played out among the castmates?

Mary: Yes, I feel like I had some backlash too – but when you’re on an island, it’s just such an extreme situation. Like all of a sudden all these cameras and lots of people and different personalities are in front of you. I don’t drink but a lot of alcohol is also there.

Look, I’m guilty of it, I like to be a bit extra, it’s the environment – and people do crazy things in crazy situations.

Not that that’s an excuse, but I’m happy to apologise when I make a mistake. I feel like if you own up to it and apologise then that’s all you.

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