Bachelor in Paradise

The huge social media "unfollow" for Bachelor in Paradise's Ciarran and Timm

Fans have turned their backs on the "bro code" pair.

By Jess Pullar
Even those of us who ever so slightly dipped our toes into Bachelor in Paradise this season will be well aware of the hectic ~drama~ that has played out between two certain men.
Yes, Ciarran Stott and Timm Hanly, former fan favourites, have been front and centre on the show for their questionable actions and opinions around 'bro code'.
Now their behaviour has led to a sensational fall from grace as words like "misogynistic" and "toxic masculinity" have been used to describe the narrative that played out on our screens.
In fact, according to some very interesting new stats from super sleuth fan account @BachieFunny on Instagram, there's a reassuring trend that's sprung up on social media as their scenes aired - and you can bet it has restored our faith in humanity.
In an Instagram post shared on Thursday evening, the fan account posted several screenshots of both Ciarran and Timm's daily follower count on the social media platform. And it wasn't good news, if they were seeking to boost their following.
Ciarran and Timm's behaviour on the show was questionable, to say the least. (Network Ten)
At the beginning it was sweet - their followings were growing healthily throughout the latter part of July.
But ironically, as the dates where some of their more concerning episodes aired, things go pear-shaped.
"Was interested to see how the response to Timm and Ciarran's actions on the show/in media lately has affected their Instas," the fan account wrote.
"They were gaining often over 1000 a day towards start of season to now losing more than they gain in most recent days."
Ciarran's account in particular saw a plunge on Sunday, August 2, of 715 followers in a day.
On Tuesday, August 4, he lost more than 900 followers.

While there's no confirmation the show and subsequent coverage on Instagram and in the media has contributed to this downfall, it seems like a pretty safe guess that there were a lot of people out there who didn't agree with how their behaviour was portrayed.
And in an addition that has made us even more hopeful for the world in these turbulent times, @BachieFunny also compared the stats to Ciarran and Timm's co-star, Renee, who is gaining more than 6000 followers a day.
Renee was heavily involved in the drama when Ciarran became outraged when fellow Paradise star Matt didn't ask permission to ask Renee, Ciarran's ex-girlfriend, on a date.
That was in spite of Ciarran going and snogging the faces off two girls and sleeping in the beds of more during the course of the season - all in front of a silent Renee.
Add Timm calling Matt a "dog", and we've got a cocktail of toxic masculinity being served in Paradise.
Renee and Matt's relationship became the centre of a toxic debate within the Paradise clan. (Network Ten)
A number of followers on @BachieFunny's account took to the comments section to confirm they had contributed to the blokes' spiralling follower count.
"Look, I know Timm and Ciarran probably don't give a sh-t but I unfollowed both of them as well. Their sh-t behaviour is every girls nightmare," one wrote.
Another added: "I'm included in those stats. Unfollowed both Timm and Ciarran."
And thus, it seems in a world where our anger and grievances need a place to be contained, yet heard, a simple unfollow really does make a difference.
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