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STOP EVERYTHING: Bachelor In Paradise’s Ivan was previously on Neighbours

Yes, there was dancing involved!
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There’s nothing we love more than finding out a current reality TV star previously tried their hand at acting. Ok, there are a few things we love more (chocolate, pizza, new episodes of Outlander) but the whole ‘uncovering a reality TV contestant’s acting history’ is right up there on the list!

There’s nothing wrong with someone applying for a reality TV show if they have an acting past, but it is absurdly fun to see The Bachelor villain Romy Poulier or Married At First Sight king ding-a-ling Sam Ball in roles on Home and Away.

Which brings me to my point: Bachelor In Paradise star and avocado novice Ivan Krslovic once played a stripper on Neighbours.

Ivan is back in the Bachie-verse on Paradise.

Fans will remember that Aaron Brennan (Matt Wilson) worked as an exotic dancer at The Waterhole for several seasons on Neighbours, before later becoming a personal trainer.

In one episode, back in 2017, David Tanaka (Takaya Hondo), Amy Williams (Zoe Cramond) and Mishti Sharma (Scarlet Vas) paid a visit to the bar, where Aaron happened to be performing a sexy dance number as a doctor.

Aaron was joined by another performer on the night, the delightful Hugh Hammer as a ‘sexy tradie.’

Yep, our avocado-blending, dance-routine loving Bachie star Ivan played Hugh. And we found the episode!

WATCH: Ivan performs an exotic dance on Neighbours

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Oh, how we love our boy Ivan!

Bachelor In Paradise Australia airs Tuesday to Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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