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The most stunning and expensive Bachelor rings of all time

Every year, the Bachelor (or should we say in 2023 the Bachelors) puts a ring on it.
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Having whittled the contestants down to a top two, the stressed Bachie will wring his hands over the final decision, before finally carrying out one brutal breakup and one happy ending.

Loving words are exchanged, and there is always – unless you’re Nick Cummins – a ring handed over, either signifying a love term commitment, or sometimes an engagement.

Here is a round up of all the rings we’ve seen across the nine seasons of The Bachelor, including the best, the bland, and the unforgettable Cheezel ring.

Tim Robards and Anna Heinrich

Tim and Anna were a match made in heaven. Their ring featured two bands which ”travelled together” to create an infinite loop.

(IMAGE: Ten)

The very first season of The Bachelor in Australia brought the promise of drama, romance, and eventually love, which we witnessed when chiropractor turned actor Tim Robards chose lawyer Anna Heinrich as his winner.

Tim presented Anna with a ring he designed himself, which featured two bands of platinum that ”travelled together” to create an infinite loop, with a gem set in the middle.

Anna eventually gained another ring from Tim, when he proposed (for real this time) in May of 2017 with an emerald cut diamond ring.

The pair married the following year, and now share a daughter Elle.

Read more about their incredible love story here.

Blake Garvey & Sam Frost

Blake proposed to Sam with a 3.01 carat cushion cut ring Bunda ring only to dump her for another contestant.

(IMAGE: Ten)

The 2014 Bachelor season ended in chaos, when it was revealed that Blake Garvey had dumped his winner and fiancee, Sam Frost, some days after the finale was filmed.

However, Sam, did get a ring out of the ill fated romance.

Blake literally proposed, presenting Sam with a 3.01 carat cushion cut Bunda ring, worth an estimated $58,000.

”It’s never been worn, apart from photo purposes. It spends the days and nights locked in a safe and apparently worth $58,000 as I’m constantly reminded,” Sam shared in a blog post at the time.

She eventually auctioned it off, where it sold for $31,729.

Sam Wood and Snezana Markoski (now Wood)

Sam fell for single mum Snezana with a ring that was dubbed a ”cheezel” ring by amused viewers.

(IMAGE: Ten)

These two are absolute Bachelor royalty, with Sam’s feelings for Snezana shining through from the moment he met her on the red carpet, it was hard not to fall in love with them during their season of the show.

It was no surprise when he picked her at the end, presenting her with the infamous ”cheezel” ring.

Not much is know about the gaudy ring given that viewers were way too distracted by its resemblance to a cheesy chip delicacy.

Sam admitted post finale that he copped some flak for the ring, but it’s now just another part of their infamous love story.

The ”cheezel” ring was eventually swapped out for an engagement ring. The pair are now happily married and are raising three young daughters and teenager Eve, Snezana’s daughter from a previous relationship.

You can view their family gallery here.

Richie Strahan & Alex Nation

Richie picked Alex over he love rivals and ‘proposed’ to her with this stunning ”promise ring.”

(IMAGE: Ten)

The 2016 Bachelor couple didn’t quite go the distance, but Richie nailed the ring when he presented it to his chosen winner, Alex Nation.

The double banded ”promise ring” was encrusted with diamonds, and featured a halo diamond set between them.

Matthew Johnson & Laura Byrne

Matty and Laura fell madly in love during their season.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Matt and Laura stole our hearts in the 2017 season of the show, although any suspense was killed by how clearly Matt had fallen head over heels for Laura.

It’s always risky presenting a jewellery designer with a ring, but Matt nailed it.

”@matthewdavidjohnson is the first man brave enough to give this girl a taste of her own medicine and I’m so completely in love with my ring,” Laura wrote on Instagram. She also thanked Larsen Jewellery for making it.

Larsen then went on to design Laura’s real life engagement ring.

”We have loved being part of their love story from the very beginning, and we’re honoured to have been chosen to help with two of the most special moments in their lives,” the company shared to Instagram in 2019 alongside a picture of Laura’s sparkly new ring.

Nick Cummins & NO ONE

The Honey Badger infamously chose no one at the end of his season. A ring was prepared regardless.

(IMAGE: Ten)

The infamous and indecisive Bachelor of 2018, Nick Cummins, famously chosen no one on his season.

However, a ring had been prepared just in case.

”At Larsen Jewellery, we understand that giving a bespoke ring whether it be a commitment, promise or engagement ring, is a very significant and important statement in any relationship, and certainly not something to be taken lightly,” the designer Larsen Jewellery shared on Instagram.

”We respect the decision that Nick has made. The ring has been safetly delivered back to us this morning and we plan to donate it to charity,” they added.

They also wished Nick and his two runners up, Brittany Hockley and Sophie Tieman, luck on their journeys to find love.

Matthew Agnew and Chelsie McLeod

Chelsie stole the heart of Matt back in 2019. Her memory ring was worth an estimated $30,000.

(IMAGE: Ten/Larsen Jewellery)

Scientist Matt Agnew chose chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod on his season of the hit reality franchise, going on to present her with a chunky diamond ‘memory’ ring, again designed by Larsen Jewllery, and estimated to be worth around $30,000.

”We are delighted that Matt has found love with Chelsie last week. We are so happy to have been the official ring partner once again of @thebachelorau,” the shared after the finale.

Unfortunately, Matt and Chelsie were not meant to be, and called it quits just months after the finale aired.

Locky Gilbert & Irena Srbinovska

The stunning ring, which Locky helped design, is estimated to be worth $30,000.

(IMAGE: Ten/Larsen Jewellery)

Just like his predecessors, Locky presented his winner, Irena with a custom Larsen Jewellery design.

”The custom made ring is set with a striking 6.14 carat pear shape purple Tanzanite gemstone accentuated by two marquise diamons and two pear cut diamonds,” Larsen Senior Jeweller Nicole Donaghy told Now to Love.

”Locky was fully involved in the ring design process. He was very thoughtful in wanting to design a ring that was meaningful,” Nicole said.

To this day, the couple are still madly in love.

Jimmy Nicholson & Holly Kingston

The sparkler gifted to Holly is said to be worth around $38,000.

(IMAGE: Ten/Larsen Jewellery)

Jimmy chosen Holly Kingston under a starry Northern Territory night sky, presenting her with a Larsen Jewellery piece as well.

Larsen shared a close up image of Holly’s new sparkler on Instagram, and went into more detail about the ring in the comments.

”This is an 18 carat rose gold ring with a 2.01 carat light champagne centre diamond, six marquise-shaped diamonds layered with 10 round brilliant cut diamonds in the hidden halo,” they shared.

The pair are all over each other’s social media, and are now engaged for real!

Jed & Alesia

Alesia repeatedly told Jed not to propose to her throughout the season but he ignored her wishes and proposed anyway. Despite this, they seem to have still found a happy ending (for now).

(IMAGE: Ten/Larsen Jewellery)

Jed ‘proposed’ to Alesia with a yellow gold champagne ring crafted by (you guessed it) Larsen Jewellery as an emblem of intimacy and romance, and symbol of his ongoing commitment to her. This was despite the fact Alesia repeatedly told him throughout the season that she would not accept a proposal.

The boho-inspired design has an avant-garde edge, and features a striking marquise cut champagne diamond, accented by six brilliant cut diamond side stones, set on an 18ct yellow gold band.

Along with Leah’s engagement ring, the combined value is estimated to be around $25,000.

Six months after filming for the finale wrapped, Jed confirmed that their relationship was still alive.

”We’re taking it day by day and are excited to actually have a coffee with each other a live a normal life after this,” Jed told 10Play.

Thomas & Leah

The love didn’t last for Thomas and Alesia.

(IMAGE: Ten/Larsen Jewellery)

After falling head over heels in love, Thomas proposed to smitten Leah with a white gold oval and sapphire diamond ring from Larsen Jewellery.

The classically charming ring was made with 18ct white gold and features glistening trios of pear shaped diamonds set on either side of a dreamy, oval pale blue sapphire.

Along with Alesia’s ring, the combined value is estimated to be around $25,000.

Despite their emotionally charged engagement, the couple weren’t meant to be, announcing they had ended things in the months after filming.

”We made the decision to stay friends, to still support one another but obviously go our different routes finding love,” Thomas told 10Play.

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