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The Bachelors finale winners revealed: Who got the final roses?

And who has walked away heartbroken....
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It’s been an extremely wild ride to The Bachelors finale but here we are!

Our three Bachelors, Thomas, Jed and Felix, have finally chosen which woman they each want to settle down with after a month of romantic dates, steamy soirée’s, questionable behaviour and of course drama, there’s been lots of drama!

But at the end of it all, in what has perhaps the most polarising season of The Bachelor (or should we say Bachelors) yet, our Bachelors came on the show looking for love. Question is, did they find it?

Well yes, and they’ve put a ring on it as well!

So which women have Thomas, Jed and Felix chosen to settle down with? And who has been left heartbroken?

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Thomas proposed to Leah.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Thomas, the Italian stallion, has proposed to Leah.

During his entire journey on The Bachelors, Thomas was committed to finding love.

He even admitted at one point that he was “in love with multiple women” but obviously he’s now narrowed those feelings down to just his now fiancee.

Thomas said he chose to propose to Leah because ”she was the one” whilst Leah told the cameras that she couldn’t imagine a life with Thomas not in it.

The moment was incredibly sweet with Leah shedding a few tears before saying, ‘Yes’.

”It’s been the most profound experience,” Thomas started his proposal.

”I came in here with lots of hope and I haven’t felt love or been in love for such a long time and here you come and I literally cannot thankyou enough for being who you are. Thankyou for turning my hope into absolute reality.

”You are the one. I am so blessed to have found you.”

This does mean though, that Thomas had to break up with Lauren. And while she was clearly upset, she handled the rejection incredibly well, even sharing a hug goodbye with Thomas and wishing him and Leah luck as they embarked on their new relationship.

Speaking on what the soon to be Mr and Mrs Malucelli were looking forward to doing most after leaving the show, Thomas was frank: ”have sex.”

Jed proposed to Alesia.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Jed, the Machine Gun Kelly look alike, has proposed to Alesia.

The drummer had a rocky start on The Bachelors (he was rejected by the first girl he went on a blind date with and then threw a tantrum about it) but he’s grown and matured along the way; hence the proposal!

”I have completely fallen in love for you, and I have honestly have never felt the way I do about you with anyone else in my life,” Jed said as he dropped to one knee.

But Alesia was quick to say no and we honestly do not blame her.

”I am falling for you and I hope you do know how much I want to be with you and I’ll put this ring on any finger you want,” Alesia told Jed.

”But that doesn’t mean I’ll marry you,” she continued.

Consistently across this season Alesia has expressed how she doesn’t feel ready for marriage (and let’s not forget that she’s only known Jed for seven weeks). Despite this, Jed still proposed, completely ignoring her wishes.

Things at this stage though look like they have worked out for the pair, both agreeing that the ring was not a promise of marriage, but a promise that they saw a future together and would continue their relationship outside of The Bachelors.

On the other hand, we really feel for Angela, who Jed had to break up with. The moment was obviously emotional and tough for Angela who appeared visibly shell shocked.

”I just feel like an idiot,” said Angela.

”I just feel so blindsided. Going off what took place a few days ago [Jed told Angela he was falling in love with her] to then come to now I just don’t have the words for it.”

Felix didn’t propose to Jess but told her that he would like to pursue their relationship in the real world.

(IMAGE: Ten)

Felix, the Bachelor who was at the heart of multiple dramas this year (making out with multiple women on group dates like a toxic player, struggling with Jess’ views on monogamy), has confirmed his commitment to Jess to the surprise of viewers everywhere.

It is important to note though that Felix, unlike Thomas and Jed, did not propose.

”We’ve been through so much,” Felix began.

”But you make me feel so special, you really do.”

After kissing her dramatically, Felix continued: ”Love is all about taking a risk and there’s no one else that I’d rather take a risk with than you.”

Some of that risk though has been alleviated, at least for now after Jess dumped Damien prior to her final commitment ceremony with Felix.

Speaking with producers, Jess said she was ”relieved” to close that chapter with an obviously heartbroken Damien.

”Damien wants nothing but love for me, even if that’s with you,” Jess told Felix just before he confirmed to her that she was the girl for him. .

Abigail on the other hand when let down by Felix was less than impressed.

”It’s rubbish, but I have always said I want someone who is 150% invested in me and will always choose me so if this is how Felix feels then I can’t sway him otherwise.

When asked if she would give him another chance, Abigail was quick in her response: ”I don’t do second chances.”

The three jilted ladies.

(IMAGE: Ten)

This season, after many calls to re-vamp and modernise The Bachelor franchise, Channel Ten decided to shake the dating show up and give us not one, but three bachelors (albeit straight and white), and a polyamorous relationship, (albeit with contentious representation).

But at least there was some androgynous dressing, right? From Jed. He rocked nail polish and bold outfits while denouncing toxic masculinity. Progressive. Nice. Annnnnd even that caused backlash – not only from viewers, but from within the mansion.

Yep, it turns out an intense fight broke out behind the scenes with regards to the drummer’s sexuality, leading to very nasty group chat messages.

“(The messages) genuinely started because somebody was talking about Jed’s sexuality, and they weren’t talking about it in a very nice way,” evictee Jasmine Absolom told our sister publication WHO of the drama.

WATCH NOW: The Bachelors’ Tash Candyce shares her thoughts on Jasmine swapping men. Article continues after video.

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Clearly, while a lot of us are ready for more progressive representations on screen, not all audiences (or even all the show’s stars themselves) are going to hold the same views, making it hard to appeal to everyone.

Indeed, this year, The Bachelor debuted to a record-low 439,000 viewers, with many calling to end the show. Will the dating show take a hiatus? We’ll have to wait and see.

Stay tuned for our full in-depth recap of The Bachelors grand finale and exclusive interviews with Thomas, Jed, Felix, Leah, Alesia and Jess!

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