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EXCLUSIVE: Krystal admits she secretly wanted Thomas not Felix on The Bachelors!

She was paired up with Felix but was pining away for Thomas instead!
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Krystal Thomas from this year’s season of The Bachelors certainly has brought chaos.

From her very first date with Felix, to calling out Tash for that open relationship saga, she’s been confident from rose one.

So, when she was given the boot in this week’s rose ceremony, fans were devastated!

Speaking exclusively with TV Week, Krystal said that whilst she was grateful for the experience, she was ”traumatised” from it.

”It’s really strange watching yourself on TV, it’s a really interesting sort of experience, I’m honestly traumatised from it, relieving those emotions again was quite hard,” Krystal told us.

”But I was authentic to who I am. I’ve definitely grown a lot since then. It was such a short burst of time [in the Bachelor pad] but I learnt so much about feelings, about love….I’m a lot more open to things now. ”

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Speaking on being open to ”things”, Krystal said that didn’t include Jess and her polyamorous lifestyle.

”It’s been very clear from day one that Jess doesn’t really know what she wants. She wants the cake, she wants to eat the crumbs, I think she is really lovely but she is quite a selfish person.”

”I respect that she is exploring her sexuality however when it comes to the detriment of someone else, like Felix and his feelings I just don’t think it’s fair. She’s also taking Damien for a ride that poor man, it’s unfair, unjust and just really self centered…..she should have been the first to go.”

And of her Bachie beau? Well, it’s not as negative as one may think.

”I did get player vibes from Felix on our first date, but I saw straight through him, I could tell it was a facade,” Krystal says.

”As time went on and I got to know him he is actually a really genuine guy and isn’t as bad as he looks like on the show, but he really doesn’t help himself with his behaviour and he is such a showman.

”Honestly, watching it back I was like ‘what are you doing’,” Krystal tells us with a laugh.

Despite a steamy session in the ocean on their single date, Krystal just wasn’t feeling it with Felix.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

So, did she ever consider jumping ship to one of the other Bachelors Jed or Thomas?

”After my single date with Felix I felt quite deflated and let down by how it went, I’m just not one to chase a guy if the feelings aren’t reciprocated. So I started looking at Thomas….he’s a really good man, you can’t fault him and I genuinely did consider swapping.”

But when pushed on why she didn’t take that leap of faith, Krystal admits she knew it ”wouldn’t work” given he had already formed so many connections with other girls.

Abigail, Bella and Alesia are lifelong friends according to Krystal.

(IMAGE: Instagram)

Given the reality show was filmed more than six months ago, it comes as no shock that having to watch her Bachelor experience unfold again on national television opened up some old wounds for this British babe.

Despite this, she has walked away with some lasting friendships and a renewed sense of self.

”Abigail, Bella and Alesia are all really good friends. Even though I went in there to find a husband, these friendships are the best thing to come out of it, I’m just so grateful and happy for that.”

”I’m still on the quest for love, there is more Krystal chaos to be had so stay tuned!”

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