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The Bachelor Australia Exclusive: Brooke confesses her biggest regret

Her hometown visit put her relationship with Nick into perspective
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There’s no doubt Brooke and Nick have formed a connection.

On the first night, he presented the youth social worker with the key to the Bach Pad, and their relationship has gone from strength to strength since.

“He’s a beautiful person,” the 23-year-old tells TV WEEK.

Brooke wishes she had met Nick in the real world.

But that’s not to say Brooke is feeling confident ahead of the finale.

Looking back at Nick’s hometowns visit – which saw her friend Tess quiz Nick about where he was at emotionally – she admits it put things “in perspective”.

“I realised I had to be a lot more realistic about how a relationship with Nick would work, because we live in different states,” she says.

“But at the time, I was scared to ask those sorts of questions. Tess brought them to the surface. From the get-go, I explained to Nick that certainty is something I need in a relationship.”

Brooke on a single date with Nick.

While Brooke doesn’t doubt what she and Nick share, she does believe things would have been easier for them outside of the show.

“I probably would have preferred to have met him in the outside world,” she says.

From an outsider’s perspective, it seems like Brooke’s journey in the mansion has been smooth sailing. But the Rugby player previously confessed that she nearly walked out of the competition due to homesickness.

“I really missed my family, especially my little brother,” she said.

“We’re super-close. I was so homesick, I could have walked.”

However the spark between her and the Bachelor was enough to keep her grounded.

“The connection with Nick kept me there. I put myself out there and it seemed like my feelings were reciprocated, so I stayed. It was so hard, though.”

Brooke was an early fan favourite.

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday at 7.30pm on Network Ten.

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