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The Bachelor Australia’s Brittany on her relationship with Nick: ‘We both want kids and marriage’

Britt spills on the future she sees for herself and The Honey Badger
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Born in the same town as The Bachelor Australia star Nick Cummins – the NSW coastal city of Port Macquarie – free-spirited Britt hit it off with him from the get-go.

But that’s not the only thing the pair have in common.

Brittany Hockley, 30, says that while she wants to settle down and have kids, travel is her priority for now – and Nick is on the same wavelength.

“We both want kids and marriage, but in a few years,” Britt says.

“Neither of us wants to settle down just yet. I’ve told him I want to see more of the world, and he definitely wants to get on board with that.”

Britt has been one of the front runners during this season of The Bachelor Australia.

One person who Nick will have to bond with is Britt’s sister, Sheri, who joined the brunette on her recent two-year around-the-world trip.

“We’d both had a really bad day at work and decided to quit our jobs the very next day,” Britt says.

“We booked a flight to Brazil and off we went; we had no plan. We were together every day.”

And despite being one of the older contestants on the show, radiographer Britt says she’s more confident than ever.

“I don’t have the best body in the house, but I’m happy, healthy and fit, and I think that acceptance comes with age,” she says.

“I was more critical of myself when I was younger – even though I looked 20 times better than I do now. Now I’m older, I drink wine and eat chocolate… and I’m still happy!”

Britt feels her and Nick are on the same page with their plans for the future.

This week is set to be a challenging one for Britt, who finds herself confronting best friend and fellow contestant Cass over her history with the Bachelor prior to the show.

“Cass was put in a really awkward position, but I was really upset. I felt blindsided and a bit embarrassed,” Britt previously revealed to TV WEEK , after finding out Cass hadn’t been fully truthful during filming.

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