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EXCLUSIVE: The Bachelor Australia’s Shannon believes we never got to see the real her

'I felt ripped off!'
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Another rose ceremony, another broken heart, with Shannon being sent home from The Bachelor Australia in a highly emotional exit.

Despite winning the first single date of this series and being picked as an early favourite, Shannon failed to receive as rose tonight from the Honey Badger.

“I was very overwhelmed and it was pretty intense and I think I just feel a bit ripped off to be honest,” Shannon tells TV WEEK exclusively after her exit.

“I stuck around, I did the hard yards, it’s not easy being there and I wasn’t given the opportunity to show Nick who I was.”

Shannon’s departure was followed by a few tears and the 25-year-old admits it’s hard not to let emotion get the best of you in that moment.

“Emotionally I was upset because it was like ‘Oh, what a waste of time, I’ve been here and I didn’t really get my chance’ but at least I stayed true to myself.”

Shannon says an emotional goodbye to Nick Cummins.

Previously, Shannon has told TV WEEK she struggled with depression in The Bachelor mansion and it’s clear that the experience took a toll on the bubbly blonde.

“So when I was actually leaving, I got really upset and the reality sunk in and in that moment all of the motions I experienced just came out,” explains Shannon.

“I think I was just annoyed that I’d put so much energy into everyone else that I’d forgotten about myself a bit, which kind of sucked but that’s the life lesson I’ll take from The Bachelor.”

Shannon was understandably upset during the cocktail party.

While Nick may not have been her Badger in shining armour, Shannon believes there is one girl who may find her happily-ever-after.

“It’s difficult to know who he is best suited to, but I think he and Britt have something special, there seems to be a real connection there.”

The Bachelor Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network Ten.

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