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The Bachelor Australia’s Cass is wrestling with her newfound celebrity: ‘The paparazzi are hounding me!’

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She’s been the centre of attention from the moment she revealed she’d previously dated The Bachelor, Nick Cummins.

Now, things have gone from bad to worse for Cass Wood, with the 23-year-old telling TV WEEK she’s being hounded by photographers.

“I had no idea what to expect going into this but I didn’t expect to be followed by paparazzi,” Cass reveals.

“I’ve had paparazzi sitting outside my house and following me everywhere I go, which is uncomfortable. You just want to go enjoy your day and then they’re right behind you. I do my best to ignore them.”

Cass has been the target of photographers.

Cass hasn’t had the easiest transition into the spotlight, after being labelled on social media as a stage-five clinger early on in the season.

Cass however begged to differ.

“So far, all we’ve seen is me being very into Nick. A lot of the conversations between Nick and I haven’t yet been shown.” she says.

But last night Cass’ patience finally paid off, after she received her first single date with Nick. The couple took on Wet ‘n’ Wild’s thrilling ‘Skycoaster’, before sharing her feelings for him as well as their first kiss on the show.

Cass and Nick during a challenge.

All in all, Cass doesn’t have any regrets about how forward she has been with Nick during her time on the show, and that his personality has given her the confidence to do so.

“He’s warm, kind-hearted and very genuine – and I love that about him,” she says.

“I just want Nick to be happy. I realise you can’t force things. If we’re meant to be together, we will be. And if not, I’ll be fine too.”

The Bachelor Australia airs at 7:30pm, on Wednesday and Thursday, on Network Ten.

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