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Everything we know about the $30,000 “memory” ring The Bachelor Matt Agnew gave Chelsie

That's one hell of a memory!
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It is a truth universally acknowledged that every single season of The Bachelor ends with the Bachie gifting his chosen lady a giant sparkly ring.

Sometimes, the bloke gets down on one knee and actually proposes, but often the ring is simply a symbol or “promise” of the Bachelor’s “commitment”, now that he’s no longer dating 25 girls at the same time.

Let’s forget about the fact that usually the happy couple have never been on a single date without a camera crew watching their every move, let alone lived together or even had the chance to consummate their relationship. No, let’s just focus on the whopping big rock the entire country is gawking over right now.

Our Bachelor Matt Agnew stuck with tradition during Thursday night’s finale episode and gifted his chosen winner Chelsie a special ring.

While Matt didn’t get down on one knee, he did tell Chelsie the ring was a gift in “memory” of the time they spent together on the show.

The ring is by Australian jewellery brand Larsen, a label specialising in custom engagement and wedding rings, with Larsen serving as the “official ring partner” on The Bachelor for the past three years.

We got a sneak peek of the ring in a promo for the finale.

(Image: Channel 10)

The gorgeous ring Matt gave Chelsie during the finale.

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The ring up-close, in all its glory.

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We asked Larsen’s senior jeweller, Kate Reid, everything there is to know about this rock.

“After a one on one consultation with Matt, we drew a sketch so he could see exactly what the final product would look like,” Kate said.

“Our talented jewellers are so creative, and experts in what they do. They listened to all of Matt’s input, and used their skills to take the design to an exceptional level. The end result was a stunning design with an incredibly beautiful gemstone.”

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And it turns out that Matt “was fully involved in the ring design process” and “a delight to work with”.

“I showed Matt a wide variety of designs, band types and precious stones. Matt was particularly taken by the rarity of the colours and shapes of some truly unique gemstones, and his final selection was carefully considered.”

Chelsie McLeod (left) and Abbie Chatfield (right) pictured during the finale.

(Images: Channel 10)

So, let’s get down to the details. What is that unusual-looking stone?

“The custom-made ring is set with an impressive 3.73ct rectangular cushion cut grey Spinel gemstone, accentuated by two dazzling shield cut diamonds,” Kate explained.

“The unique ring was entirely handmade by one of our most talented jewellers using fair-trade 18ct rose gold.”

As for how much it costs? Now To Love understands the ring is valued at approximately $30,000.

Jeweller Kate is no stranger to helping the men on The Bachelor pick rings for their chosen lady.

She also worked with Matty J in 2017 to help design the ring he would ultimately give his chosen winner, Laura Byrne.

Matty J gives Laura Byrne a Larsen ring during the 2017 finale of The Bachelor.

(Image: Channel 10)

Matty chose a stunning piece is made in 18ct white gold and set with a 1.30ct oval diamond, with three diamonds set into the shoulders of the ring, and a delicate band with intricate woven wire detail underneath the centre diamond.

“Matty wanted the ring to be feminine and elegant,” Kate told TV WEEK at the time.

“This ring is the perfect example of the way that our team of jewellers work closely with each customer, in this case, Matty J, to create a piece of jewellery that is personal, unique and that they will love for a lifetime.”

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“It is often suggested that the entwined wire symbolises a future with two lives woven into one,” Kate explained, adding Matty selected the oval cut diamond himself.

“He was very involved in the whole process and we worked together to sketch out and finalise the design.”

As well as designing rings for The Bachelor, Kate has also created wedding brands for high profile celebrities, including Aussie actress Teresa Palmer and her husband Mark Webber, who were married in 2013.

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