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Meet The Bachelor Australia 2019! Love is in the stars for our new Bachie Matt Agnew

The new Astrophysicist Bachelor is out of this world!
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Gird your loins, Australia! Network 10 just confirmed the new leading man of The Bachelor Australia and, for the first time in four years, viewers will meet an ‘unknown’ Bachelor.

Allow us to introduce you to the leading man of the show’s highly anticipated seventh season, Matt Agnew.

Matt is a 31-year-old Astrophysicist, AFL enthusiast and secret weapon in the kitchen. He’s looking for love on Earth, after years of following his passion for space around the globe and working on his PhD.

Matt Agnew is the next Bachelor!

Though this clever cookie’s career has taken him all over the world, he recently returned home to Melbourne in the hopes of settling down with his one true love.

“Seeing my mates finding their partners, tying the knot and buzzing with laughter and love together, I realise I want that!” Matt reveals.

He admits that finding love on reality TV is a bit unorthodox, though he’s excited to give the experience a ‘crack.’

“I’ve got a real ‘do it once, do it right’ mentality so I’ll be making sure I throw myself into it, be vulnerable and enjoy what comes from that,” says Matt.

“It may be an unorthodox way to meet someone, but I think it’ll be a sensational experience and make for a cracking ‘how we met’ story!”

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Will Matt have better luck on The Bachelor Australia than Nick Cummins?

Matt is looking for a genuine woman who enjoys having a laugh, doesn’t take herself too seriously and has a real passion for life. He’s ready for that “special someone” with whom he shares a lasting “spark.”

As one of four, Matt is keen to emulate his happy childhood household with the love of his life.

His parents, who have been married for over 30 years, have always given him the advice that “You’ve got to give it a go, give it a chance and put your heart out there.”

He’s certainly putting himself – and his heart – out there as the next Bachelor! Though we know he’ll have host Osher Günsberg on hand to help him through it.

Osher with last year’s Bachelorette Ali Oetjen.

We couldn’t be happier to see a new average joe – albeit, a ridiculously smart one – on our screens, after years of familiar faces stepping in to the role.

From a larrikin jock (Nick ‘Honey Badger’ Cummins in 2018), to a lovable geek (Matt), this new season of The Bachelor Australia is sure to be a unique and fun ride.

We’ll be counting down the days until take-off… Oh man, this year is going to be fun. Just think of all the space puns!

The Bachelor Australia is coming soon to 10 and WIN Network.

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