The Bachelorette Australia

The Bachelorette Australia host Osher Günsberg hits back at Ali Oetjen’s critics

He responds to backlash over Ali's smooches

By TV Week team
Ali Oetjen has had her share of detractors after kissing several suitors on The Bachelorette Australia. But show host Osher Günsberg is backing her decision to be so forthright.
"She's far more on the front foot as to what she will and won't stand for," Osher, 44, tells TV WEEK.
"We've seen her be really confident, not only in telling guys what's OK and not OK, but going, 'I'm into you, let's have a pash.'
"Nobody blinks an eye when the Bachelor has a pash on a single date. But when a beautiful, smart, independent woman goes, 'I think you're alright, let's have a kiss', people react strangely. For me, that's the most fascinating part of the show."
Osher is sticking up for Ali amid criticism.
As for Nick "The Honey Badger" Cummins, who chose not to pick a winner in the finale of The Bachelor Australia this year, Osher is confident the former rugby star will get through the media storm that greeted his decision.
"It was a brave, manly thing to do," Osher says. "He's a good man, has a solid support base and I know he'll be alright."
Nick Cummins faced a nasty media storm after the series finale.
Bachie aside, Osher is proud to be an ambassador for Audible For Dogs – a collection of audio books for dogs to keep them calm and happy – alongside his adorable cavoodle pup Frankie.
While Osher is busy playing Cupid on TV, Frankie is lapping up an audio book at home.
"He likes listening to Lord Of The Rings," Osher says with a laugh.
Osher with his cavoodle pup Frankie.
The Bachelorette Australia airs Wednesday and Thursday, 7:30pm, on Network 10.

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