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The Bachelor 2019: Why Chelsie just became the ultimate front runner to win Matt’s heart

Well for starters, they're both ''of the nerdy persuasion...''
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There’s no doubt that the drama on The Bachelor has been dialled up to high this week and to be honest, all of the lying and c-bombs have got us a little shook.

So when the show took us back to its grass roots on Thursday, by giving us some good ole’ fashion flirtation and romance, we were a (tiny bit) relieved.

During the episode, we bore witness to what could possibly be the beginning of a love story a la Matty J and Laura. A romance like Sam and Snezana Wood or even the iron-clad marriage of Anna Heinrich and Tim Robards.

Could it be the sizzling chemistry between Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod?

After their (perfect) one-on-one date, it seems that cupid may have struck the pair on the backside in all their “nerdy” gloriousness and we may have just found the winner of 2019.

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Just have a look at the way he looks at her!

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It was clear from their very first meeting that there was some serious chemistry, as the two shared a passion for science.

But as Chelsie reminded us, being a scientist “doesn’t define her”, even though it was a massive turn-on for Matt.

During Thursday’s “bach pad” date, a fiery spark was ignited and it was on like Donkey Kong.

Chelsie couldn’t believe her luck that the Bachelor was actually smart, and Matt couldn’t believe that “a female scientist” could actually be so hot.

“It just feels so natural,” 28-year-old Chelsie, who is usually extremely shy, remarked at one point. “I’m pretty comfortable around him.”

While Matt on the other hand was all like: “I’ve never seen a scientist as hot as Chelsie”…

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The first part of their date saw the pair doing something that apparently Matt loves. Baking.

In fact, the 32-year-old even revealed that he “loves baking” so much and is “man enough to admit it” – and that “basically, baking is like chemistry in the kitchen”. Okayyyy.

Watching these two is like watching two friends who have just hooked up and are completely smitten in the honeymoon phase and honestly, during some moments we felt like we were intruding.

There was a bit of a Ghost moment, where Matt taught Chelsie how to “crack an egg” (which by the way is confusing, because SURELY she knows how to to that).

The pair got their Ghost moment.

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And then they had what all sane adults do on a first date – a food fight.

**Side note: Matt missed a perfect opportunity to tell Chelsie she had food on her lips and subsequently could have licked it off… but we digress.

You’ve got some batter on there, love!

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And then they had a McSTEAMY romp in the swimming pool…

Ooh la la!

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This is going on for a very long time.

(Source: Network Ten)

And they couldn’t wipe the smiles off their faces.

“There is no doubt that we have phenomenal chemistry,” Matt says with the goofiest grin we’ve ever seen.

“But you do not need a PHD to see that.”

After their date, Matt and Chelsie speak about their hopes and dreams – and even though there are still career goals to kick – both want marriage and kids.

And guys, if these two don’t become a thing, I will eat my hat.

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