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The telling clue we all missed that could give away who The Bachelor chooses to be his leading lady

The blood is certainly pumping!

By Anita Lyons
Every year when The Bachelor begins, fans scramble to figure out who he chooses at the end.
Rather than just wait eight weeks to get the answer, "Bach-investigations" get underway as soon as he is announced, with Instagrams being scoured, body language examined and every aspect of the the leading man (in this case, Matt Agnew), being heavily scrutinised.
And with the aforementioned Bachelor, it seems that there's one telling clue that could give away the entire show!
In the new podcast, The Reality Bite, hosted by former Bachelorette Georgia Love, (who has been in a relationship with her beau from the show, Lee Elliot, for three years this month), and TV Host Shura Taft, the pair spoke candidly about the new season.
After speaking about who they choose as favourites to win (Chelsie McLeod, Elly Miles and Helena Sauzier), Georgia revealed who she thought would be Matt's top pick.
"I've got a good feeling about Chelsie. The science connection, the cute nervous giggling from both of them. I think they've got good, wait for it, chemistry!" Georgia said.
But it was her co-host Shura whose bizarre observation of Matt had us racing to check out some footage, stat.
"Look at the vein down the middle of his head," he said. "He gets a big forehead vein, the blood is pumping to his brain when he likes someone!"
The blood is certainly pumping through the veins! (Source: Network Ten)
He certainly has a VERY compelling point!
The only flaw in this clue is that throughout the season we see Matt mack on nearly every single girl in the mansion - so to be honest, veins are poppin' everywhere!
And then it comes out again when he's being particularly smiley or laughing like a goof... and honestly, we've spent way too much time studying his face.
While he has had many a fling with the ladies in the house, it's clear that Matt has chosen one of them to enter into a beautiful, sponsored partnership with.
During a stint on Network Ten's Have You Been Paying Attention on Monday, Matt revealed how he keeps in contact with his new love.
WATCH NEXT: The Bachelor's Matt Agnew on Have You Been Paying Attention. Story continues...
"I am in a relationship with someone from the show," he admitted to the panel, before adding, "With one of the women I have met."
Host Tom Gleisner then asked him: "Then how do you still see each other?"
"You can't really," Matt responded. "So It's a lot of just text, calls..."
Of course, it wouldn't be HYBPA without a Sam Pang ribbing, who asked why he'd been single so long.
"Good question. if I knew the answer, I wouldn't be on the show," he said. "Genuinely I don't know. It's just a case of haven't found the right person yet."
Matt on Have You Been Paying Attention. (Source: Network Ten)

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