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EXCLUSIVE: How a stay-at-home mum overcame a traumatic experience to achieve AGT glory

“I couldn’t not do something and just shrivel up in a ball and die."
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Australia’s Got Talent singer Jennifer Anderson wowed the judges and received a fast-track to the grand final courtesy of guest judge Hans choosing her for his Golden Buzzer pick on Sunday night.

But for the 50-year-old mum-of-two, it’s been a tough road to triumph.

Speaking to Now To Love, Jennifer admitted that difficult times in her past caused her to put down the microphone for almost a decade – despite her unwavering passion for singing.

“I had a really bad experience and I went ‘That’s it, I’m not singing anymore,'” Jennifer, who is mum to two sons, aged 16 and 10, divulged.

“One of my bad experiences is too personal to share but another, is I went on another reality program in 2009 and it had a profoundly bad effect on me.

“I was so discouraged and I really struggled. I’d never been a confident person anyway. But that experience was very negative.”

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Jennifer gave up singing for almost a decade but will perform in the AGT grand final.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Jennifer explained that she then moved to the small town of Rainbow, Victoria, which has a population of just 490 people.

Here, she was encouraged to take part in an open mic night in the main street, despite long since giving up on her singing .

“That night I had nerves so bad I thought was going to throw up. And there were no expectations or pressures but it had been so long, I wondered if I could do it anymore,” she said.

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The night was a success and Jennifer received an unexpected response from locals, encouraging her to continue to nurture her talents.

“Burly farmers with tears in their eyes came up to me and gave me hugs and told me they loved it,” she laughed.

And while her last foray into reality television left much to be desired, Jennifer said she was drawn to the positive format of Australia’s Got Talent – as well as her youngest son’s love of the franchise.

“Things have changed [for singing show’s formats] and I watched that change,” Jennifer said.

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“I always wanted to be a singer, I just got lost on the way and now I’m rebuilding myself,” Jennifer (pictured with Ricki-Lee Coulter) said.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Jennifer said that while the main catalyst for signing up was turning 50, another factor was that she and her youngest son have bonded over watching the UK version of the show.

“I’d cuddle up to my son and watch Britain’s Got Talent and I’d see Simon Cowell and appreciate the way he could see talent and he’d be positive and real and he was behind the format. That and I watched past AGT seasons and I wasn’t as scared.

With her lifelong dream of being a singer still yet to be fulfilled, Jennifer said she didn’t want to have any regrets.

“I couldn’t not do something and just shrivel up in a ball and die. I always wanted to be a singer, I just got lost on the way and now I’m rebuilding myself,” she said.

“And I also did it for my boys. They watched me and they know what a heartache it’s been to not follow that dream. And I don’t want them to learn the lesson of not doing things because they might be rejected.”

The AGT judges were in awe of her performance, with guest judge Hans (centre) rewarded her with the Golden Buzzer.

(Image: Channel Seven)

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