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The touching story behind this 17-year-old’s Australia’s Got Talent performance will inspire you

“Growing up I sort of had it a bit rough.”
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At just 17-years-old, singer Jayden Appleby has talent well beyond his years.

But it wasn’t just his impressive vocals that captured the attention of Australia’s Got Talent fans and the judges when he performed during Monday night’s episode.

Admitting he was nervous as it was the first time he’d even sung with a microphone, let alone in front of an audience that large, Jayden revealed just how much singing meant to him.

“Singing for me really was an escape. Growing up I sort of had it a bit rough here and there with mum and dad in and out and myself in and out of home,” Jayden said.

“I don’t really have my mum around as much as I’d like or the relationship I’d like to have.”

Jayden, who attended the auditions with his aunt, added that he was “disappointed” that his mum wasn’t there to watch as “that would have meant the world” to him.

“Singing for me really was an escape” Jayden said.

(Image: Channel Seven)

However, Jayden confessed that singing has been his solace when he’s struggling in life.

“I feel like I’ve been battling things by myself. When I sing, I feel like I’m not alone. The endorphins releasing, the anger, the sadness can just be let out,” he said.

“Life hasn’t been the easiest and this is a chance for me to move forward and make something of myself and give people a reason to be proud.”

The AGT judges were in awe of Jayden’s performance.

(Image: Channel Seven)

Harnessing his emotion, Jayden performed a stellar rendition of All I Want that led to a standing ovation and all four judges voting him through to the next round.

“There’s something to be said about just being yourself and being vulnerable,” judge Nicole Scherzinger told him, before imparting some words of wisdom.

“One of my favourite sayings is if you don’t feel like you fit into this world, it was because you were born to create a new one.”

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