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The tribe has spoken! This year’s Australian Survivor All Star winner has been announced

They managed to outwit, outplay and outlast the best of the best.
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After 49 long days battling mother nature, starvation and their fellow contestants, David Genat has proven to be the greatest game-player of Australian Survivor, taking home the title of All-Stars’ champion.

Some of the game’s greatest contestants returned this season for another shot at the title and $500,000 in prize money. Considering this was an All-Star season, the stakes, game play and reputations were at an all time high.

Three contestants managed to outwit, outplay and outlast their fellow Survivors to make it to this year’s finale: Moana Hope, Sharn Coombes and David Genat.

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Given the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the finale played out a little differently to its usual format.

With beloved host Jonathan LaPaglia stuck in lockdown in California, The Bachelor‘s Osher Gunsberg helped facilitate the live Q&A.

Still appearing via satellite link, JLP told Now To Love just how “tough” he found missing the finale was.

“This was my team, I’d been coaching them all season and then not to be there for the final game is kind of a bummer. But you know Osher’s going to be there, so they’re going to be in good hands,” he said ahead of the finale.

JLP even shared a hilarious Instagram ahead of the show airing declaring the cross over as ”SURVACHELOR.”

After being sent home with an idol in his pocket in Champions V Contenders in 2019, David had a point to prove this season.

One of the show’s most ruthless and strategic game-players, he was nicknamed the Golden God for good reason.

Brutal blindsides, dominating physical challenges and even crafting a fake idol, David proved he would do whatever it takes to win. And tonight he truly earned the title.

“It was hard, everyone came to play hard and you saw the result, it ended up being an amazing season,” David told host, JLP while appearing via video link.

“My daughter is 8 now, and I’ve been living in New York for 17 years. Two of my boys have been growing up in Perth and they can’t quite get the same relationship through Skype as they would in person,” David told Now To Love on wanting to move to Australia with the money from his win.

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After an emotional visit from their families, the three Survivors faced one final individual immunity challenge. In pouring rain on painful pedestals, David secured his spot in the final two.

Coming down to the final vote, David chose to take Sharn through to the finale, making Moana the last member of the Survivor All-Stars‘ Jury.

Pitching their impressive resumes and revealing their game-play secrets to the nine Jury members, Sharn and David argued why they deserved to win.

After a grilling, ultimately it was David who won over the Jury to be crowned the sole Survivor.

Congratulations David!

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