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EXCLUSIVE: Brooke Jowett reveals why she was “panicking” after Survivor, and opens up about her reunion with former flame Locky Gilbert

''It’s been a crazy few weeks.''
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With seven individual immunity wins under her belt over the course of two seasons – the most in Australian Survivor history – All-Star Brooke is undeniably one of the greatest players the game has seen.

Nicknamed the “challenge beast” for a reason, the personal trainer defied the odds and made it further than anyone expected, given the downfall of her alliance.

Brooke scrambled to stay in the game, but knowing how big a threat she could be and after losing the last challenge, David, Sharn and Moana voted her out of the tribe in tonight’s emotional episode.

Post elimination, Brooke talks to Now To Love about struggling to return to normal life, being a role model to young girls and reuniting with her ex Locky Gilbert after his surprise Bachelor announcement.

Brooke was one of Survivor’s best contestants when it came to challenges.

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How are you feeling after that tribal council?

It’s a huge whirlwind of emotion, I’m so upset that I missed by a few seconds in winning that challenge. I knew as soon as I lost that that I was out of the game. But I am so proud of how far that I’ve come, given that people wanted me gone for weeks, so I’m more proud than disappointed.

Both you and David were really emotional in that final challenge, why is that?

For both of us, we were each other’s number one competition for a long time, we were always bickering, but putting all that aside, we have such a good respect for one another and how we’ve played the game.

We’re actually great friends. I think he was emotional because he thinks he has a good shot of winning this money now, but also because I’m now going home. It was a really emotional, possibly the most emotional part of my whole journey.

You’re one of the strongest competitors the game has seen, male or female, earning the nickname the challenge beast. How does it feel to have your co-stars give you such praise?

It’s so nice. Coming into the game, I talked such a strong physical game, wanting to reclaim my challenge beast crown. Coming in, I thought ‘Oh god, what if I don’t win any challenges or live up to expectations?’ I was a bit nervous, but I’m so thankful to get that title back.

Do you feel like you set an example for young girls as a result?

So many great things have come from this show, but the best thing for me has been receiving messages from young women or people saying their kids look up to me. Knowing girls can do whatever guys can do was something I really wanted to set out to prove.

How does you first season compare to All-Stars?

This was so much harder. Season one was a breeze, I was playing from the top the whole time. This time, the second half of my game has been me trying to claw my way through, which I actually enjoyed. It made it more of a Survivor experience for me.

Brooke reveals her return to normal life was a struggle.

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How did you find the adjustment to life after the show?

Sleeping in a bed for the first time I found so difficult. I think for the first two nights I slept on the floor with a pillow [laughs]. I struggled to get back into the norm.

I had to take it slow being around people. Coming out and having all these people around got overwhelming. I remember I went to the shops with my mum and I was panicking because I didn’t know how to deal with so many people being around. After that I slowly weaned myself into that.

There’s been a lot of talk and attention on you with Locky becoming the Bachelor. How have you found it?

It’s been a crazy few weeks, especially for me. I’m in a really good place. There’s been so many people messaging and tweeting, but it’s mostly been positive, so I’m really thankful that I’ve come out with this positive image.

Brooke was blindsided by Locky’s Bachelor announcement.

(Image: Instagram / @brookejowett)

You recently would’ve reunited to film the finale, but have you spoken much?

Yes we did, we’re fine. We chatted a little bit, but aside from that it’s been hard to talk to him, because he’s been away filming. But we’re in a good place.

Will you tune in at all to see how he goes on The Bachelor

I’m not sure, I might avoid it for now, but I’ll probably be too curious not to watch, to be honest [laughs].

What can viewers expect from the finale, and no spoilers, please!

I think it’s going to be a really good one, and I’m very keen to see how it comes across on the screen.

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