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“I just don’t get why…” Abbie Chatfield shares her thoughts on The Bachelor’s new three-men format

''I’m hoping at least one of them is bisexual.''
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Abbie Chatfield has called out The Bachelor‘s new format for its lack of diversity after Network 10 announced the 2022 season’s three leading men.

On Monday night it was announced Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Philbin-Malucelli and Jedidiah “Jed” McIntosh will all be appearing on the show this year with a host of ladies vying for their hearts.

But the season seven runner-up has called out the show for not choosing a person of colour for at least one of the three lead roles.

Abbie called out the new season for its lack of diversity.

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“Why isn’t there not one person of colour? I’m hoping at least one of them is bisexual,” she said on her Hot Nights with Abbie Chatfield radio show.

While Abbie said she hopes the best for the long-running show, she questioned whether the new structure will help its dire ratings.

“I love The Bachelor and I love all the crew and everyone on there [but] the ratings have been going down and down and down and I just don’t know, I hope [the new format] does save it.”

“There could be drama between the Bachelors fighting over some of the girls. But is having three [men] going to change anything?”

Felix Von Hofe, Thomas Philbin-Malucelli and Jedidiah “Jed” McIntosh will all be appearing on the show this year.

(Image: Network 10)

Abbie, who found fame on Matt Agnew’s season of The Bachelor in 2019, also questioned host Osher Günsberg’s revelation that the new season won’t have the romantic vibe the Bachie mansion is known for.

“I just don’t get why we’ve got three Bachelors, if the structure is completely different, if there are no fairy lights and if there are no candles this isn’t The Bachelor,” she said.

Osher previously teased that Network 10 is “doing a world first” by having three Bachelors.

“The way it works, the way everyone gets to know everyone will be very different,” he said.

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The big shakeup comes after ratings plummeted for Jimmy Nicholson’s 2021 season, and Brooke Blurton’s season of The Bachelorette which pulled in some of the lowest numbers in Bachie history.

Though plenty of die-hard fans still swear by the dating show, many more Aussies have become tired of seeing the same old love stories play out season after season.

With that in mind, the show has moved to the Gold Coast to film the 2022 season and will be introducing a new triple-Bachelor format.

But will it be enough to revive the show?

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