Neighbours spoilers: A defaced picture has Aaron seeing red

‘How dare you!'
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Still reeling from the violent death of his husband, David, a grief-stricken Aaron loses control, lashing out at a teenager in Neighbours this week.

“The writers have beautifully crafted a truthful grief arc for Aaron, showing a range of emotions from disbelief to anger,” Matt Wilson, 35, who plays Aaron, tells TV WEEK.

Aaron is seeing red in Neighbours.

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When a portrait of Lassiters owner Paul (Stefan Dennis) is vandalised with graffiti, Cara (Sara West) assumes it was the gang of schoolkids headed by bully Slade (Charlie Di Stefano). 

However, when Cara tells Aaron of the incident, his anger towards Paul – David’s father – makes Cara start to wonder if he might be the culprit.

Then, when an image of David (Takaya Honda) turns up damaged, Aaron attacks Slade and has to be pulled off the teenager. 

Police must break up the fight.

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Missing David and overwhelmed by the responsibilities of parenting his young daughter, Isla (Hana Abe-Tucker), alone, Aaron is at breaking point and decides to flee Erinsborough. 

“Aaron doesn’t feel running away is a good idea, but can’t think of anything better,” Matt says. “In an example of fight or flight, he chooses the path of least resistance.” 

Nicolette (Hannah Monson), Isla’s biological mother, is left to grudgingly take care of her, while Isla begins to worry that every person she loves is going to disappear. 

Will Aaron ever return or will a new chapter far from the pain of Ramsay Street be what he needs? And what will his absence mean for Isla? 

“Aaron is feeling a combination of shame and fear,” Matt explains. “Shame that he can’t be the dad Isla needs right night and that David would be disappointed in him, and fear that his inability to handle himself through moments of stress will have a negative impact on Isla.”

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