Big fan of Nicole Kidman? Here’s how you can binge watch 16 hours of her most iconic films for free

We'll just be over here preparing the popcorn.
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Nicole Kidman is nothing short of a legend in these parts.

An Australian native, Oscar winner, social advocate, not to mention provider of some seriously good Insatgram content, it seems like there’s nothing Nicole Kidman can’t do.

Which is exactly why it seems impossible to ever exhaust our love for her most iconic films.

So in an isolation treat that we never knew we needed, there is now a way to binge-watch a full 16 hours of the actress in some of her very best roles – and you’d best listen up.

SBS On Demand is providing Aussies with the goods by streaming Nicole Kidman’s biggest and best films for free – 16 hours of it.

Yep, that’s a casual 972 minutes of Nicole and boy were we born ready for this.

Available films to watch include The Stepford Wives, Grace of Monaco, Lion, The Family Fang, Strangerland and The Killing of a Sacred Deer, to name a few.

Some of Nicole’s most iconic films will be available to stream for free.


Available on demand from April 22, the movies will come just in time for the long weekend – giving you all the more reason to park up couch side for a viewing spree.

In addition, the SBS World Movies channel will air the movies every evening at 9:30pm, starting this coming Sunday 19 April until Saturday 25 April.

That’s a lot of good content.

Some of the actresses classic films are included in the line up.


Nicole is an undeniable screen legend, with some of her latest roles earning her high praise from critics.

Her most recent TV drama, The Undoing is currently in post production and looks set to be another binge-worthy show we’ll be tuning into.

And as for right now, it seems the actress is making use of her talents from her very own isolation-station.

She and husband Keith Urban have been entertaining their social media followings by hosting Instagram live gigs.

With a singer husband like Keith and a personality like Nicoles, the pair were a perfect match to draw the eyeballs – and we’ll just be over here waiting for the next instalment.

Nicole and Keith provided us with some live entertainment in our very own quarantined homes – bless them.


And while we wait for another live gig, SBS’s glorious news will surely keep us going.

Prepare the popcorn and get comfy – there’s a whole lot of movie watching to be done.

WATCH: The official teaser trailer for The Undoing:

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