Original Heartbreak High star Tasneem Roc talks making a cameo in the reboot and her film Mother of the Bride

“I’m putting my hand up!”
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Aussie actress Tasneem Roc has built up a hefty CV in her home country, having been a part of the original cast of Heartbreak High as well as shows like East West 101 and Reef Doctors

But her new role in the Netflix film Mother of the Bride meant rubbing shoulders with some Hollywood faves, including the legendary Brooke Shields, Benjamin Bratt and Chad Michael Murray.

She works alongside Brooke Shields in new Netflix film.
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“It’s one of the first times that I actually wasn’t nervous,” Tasneem tells TV WEEK of filming with big names. “I’m like, ‘I’m going to have fun on this shoot,’ because sometimes I’ve got myself into a place where I’m anxious and that’s not enjoyable.”

“The first day on set, I was with Brooke and Benjamin,” she recalls. “And I thought, ‘This is really weird. I’m not nervous. I actually feel really comfortable and I’m having fun!’ It was a nice feeling.”

In the rom-com film, Tasneem stars as a wedding planner organising Emma’s (Miranda Cosgrove) wedding in Thailand. 

Brooke Shields stars as the bride’s mum Lana, who realises Emma’s future father-in-law is none other than Lana’s ex-boyfriend from college, Will (Benjamin Bratt). 

She also starred in Mako Island.
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“It’s a cute movie,” Tasneem says of Mother of the Bride. “[Filming in Phuket] was really good, high, happy vibes. My life was going to get a coconut, a massage, getting in the pool. It was lovely!”

Not a bad gig for a gal from Sydney, whose first big gig was playing social activist Thania in the original 1990s version of Heartbreak High.

The 45-year-old is still close with her co-stars, and reveals the Hartley High alumni are big fans of Netflix’s popular reboot.

“I love the fact that there’s a new updated version of Heartbreak High – it’s amazing.”

“I’m in a group chat with most of the actors from [the original] Heartbreak High and the consensus is it’s really good. They love the new show.”

With Netflix recently announcing the third and final season, will Tasneem be able to squeeze in a return like her former co-stars Lara Cox and Jeremy Lindsay Taylor have?

“I would love to have a cameo on it,” Tasneem tells TV WEEK. “That would be fun. I’m putting my hand up. If they want me, I’m available for sure.”

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