MAFS’ Jack & Tori are certain they’ve found their fairytale

Time for babies... already!
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Their Married At First Sight co-stars claim there are red flags all over the place when it comes to Jack and his relationship with “wife” Tori.

But in an exclusive chat with Woman’s Day, the couple say they’ve never been stronger – and are already planning for life after the show.

“We’re on the same page about everything. Jack’s always been really transparent with all the roadblocks we’ve faced and because of that there was no need for my mind to wander,” says Tori, 27. She tells Woman’s Day she sees another side to Jack – who has faced backlash from both viewers and his MAFS co-stars for his controversial behaviour – that others don’t see.

“Jack is this very nurturing, loving, caring, supportive, old school, traditional type of guy,” she says. “He makes me feel protected, safe, secure. And that’s the side of Jack that I’m defending each and every week.”

“She absolutely trusts me now,” says Jack of his wife. (Image: David Hahn)


He’s also perfect father material, according to Tori!

“I think Jack would be a great dad. I just know that he was brought up with really strong values and he’d make an excellent dad. Kids are very important to me. We’ll have them,” she says with no hesitation.

Meanwhile, Jack, 34, says Tori’s changed his mind about starting a family – and he’s now “100 per cent” keen!

“I felt like this my entire life. If I met a girl that didn’t want to have kids, it’s not a deal-breaker. If I met a girl that I fell in love with and she does want to have kids, I’m absolutely open to having kids,” he tells.
But the couple say they’d like to tie the knot for real before beginning a brood.

“I grew up in an unconventional family and I have nothing against that – my mum did an absolutely amazing job raising me. But I think for myself, I would like a traditional set-up,” Tori shares.

The couple got matching tattoos on screen. (Image: David Hahn)

The pair are already well on their way to that, with Jack revealing that he already feels a part of his TV wife’s family!

“Tori’s mother, Melissa, calls me son-in-law,” he laughs, “and we’re on FaceTime all the time, which is great.”

The drama on the show has only brought the pair closer together.

“She stood up for me. It was a big turn-on to have someone have my back like that. She didn’t know me that long, so she kind of had to bite the bullet and trust me,” Jack says of Tori’s reaction to his run-in with co-star Lauren, who he controversially said needed to be “muzzled”.

Tori tells Woman’s Day that her co-stars are “threatened” by her and her relationship with Jack.

“A lot of the women in the group are quite emotional and intense, so the composure that I’ve had throughout the experiment is quite off-putting because they can never relate,” she says.

“Tori is the most emotionally intelligent woman I’ve ever met,” chimes in Jack, who says it’s another thing that attracted him to the Victorian business development manager. And if they manage to stay together after the experiment, Jack can’t wait to share their unconventional love story with their future family!

‘It was a big turn-on to have someone have my back like that’. (Image: David Hahn)

“It’s crazy, like something to tell the grandkids!” he laughs. “I met your mother on a TV show where we got hammered and we beat all the odds!”

“My feelings – my connection – with Tori has grown,” says Jack.

The couple got matching tattoos on screen. “We’re on the same page about everything,” says Tori.

“She absolutely trusts me now,” says Jack of his wife.

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