MAFS 2024: Tori fires back when the others don’t buy her bedroom revelation

‘I know the truth!'
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Tori and Jack are on the back foot again this week when they drop a bomb at the dinner party – only for some of the participants in Married At First Sight Australia to doubt they’re telling the truth. 

“Jack and I slept together,” Tori, 27, tells TV WEEK. “Timothy immediately said, ‘No you didn’t.’ I said, ‘Were you there? Because in the room I was in, it definitely happened.’” 

MAFS 2024 jack tori
Jack & Tori were intimate.
(Image: Nine)

This week, it’s Homestays Week, a chance to escape the pressures of the relationship experiment in Jack’s hometown on Queensland’s Gold Coast. It allows business development manager Tori and personal trainer Jack to finally sleep together after weeks of speculation about why they hadn’t already.

“Skye Suites [the luxury apartments in Sydney where the couples are staying] aren’t the most romantic setting,” Tori laughs.

“We had a nice dinner by the water, the weather was warm, it was very relaxing, and it was the perfect set-up to get it done.” 

mafs 2024
The group questions Tori.
(Image: Nine)

Now that the couple have sealed the deal, they start discussing their future at the dinner table, declaring they are on “the exact same page”, – which infuriates Lauren, who says she wants to “open her eyes” to who Jack “truly is”. 

“I said to her, ‘Are you questioning my intelligence? I’m not an idiot, so don’t treat me like one,’” Tori reveals.

“These comments are from people who can’t hug their husband, can’t sleep in the same room, who hang out with their ex – they’re hypocrites.” 

Tori doesn’t believe Lauren had her best interests at heart and had changing morals depending on who was in the firing line. But none of it matters, she says, because she has Jack. 

“They [the group] were relentless,” she says. “They went at us week after week. But Jack and I left the dinner party hand in hand every week, to the same apartment, the same room, the same bed. Jack and I will have the last laugh.”

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