Ellie and Ben’s secret date takes a turn on Married At First Sight Australia 2024

"He was paranoid"

Whether Ben is on Married at First Sight Australia for love or Instagram followers is the question on everybody’s lips – even his own as he brings it up to Ellie on a secret date.

“We went on a date off camera to try and build a relationship,” Ellie, 32, tells TV WEEK.

Why is Ben “triggered” on MAFS?

“After a couple of drinks, he started questioning me about why I thought that he was there [on MAFS]. I think my cousin really triggered him and he couldn’t get it out of his mind – he was paranoid.”

On the couple’s wedding day, Ellie’s protective cousin, Jordan, declared he believed Ben was on the show to promote his podcast, GET LOST with a Travel Guide, and his quest to find love was a sham.

“I found out Ben had applied to the show multiple times and that he was nearly The Bachelor,” the registered nurse reveals. “It wasn’t his first rodeo.”

As Ben pokes Ellie as to whether she doubts his integrity, he ends up mocking her, causing her to walk out of their date.

Ellie doubts Ben’s intentions on Married At First Sight Australia.

“It was an unreasonable conversation,” she says. “So, I got up and left.”

This week, Ellie’s is not the only one to doubt Ben’s intentions, as his fellow participants hound him at the infamous dinner party.

“I was really happy that finally my thoughts were being validated by others that were seeing it too because I felt like I was going crazy,” Ellie says. “It was good that they started questioning him, because when I was questioning him, I would get these long roundabout answers, but then he couldn’t escape the group and had to answer them.”

Will the group get the answer they desire?

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