5 things to know about Yummy Mummies’ Maria Di Geronimo

Getting to know the Yummy Mummies cast.

By TV Week team
Maria Di Geronimo is arguably the most outspoken of the [Yummy Mummies] and has received some backlash on social media since the show has aired. However, she's not letting the negativity get to her.
"I take on board the good advice, and politely ignore the bad," Maria admits to TV WEEK. "I never feel pressured by others' opinions or expectations."

So, what does Maria do?

She lives a glamorous lifestyle financed by her partner and family. For reals.
Maria is from a very close Italian family based in Adelaide, so expect to see a lot of them on the show. Her parents, Margherita and Giuseppe, run a concreting business.

Where have you seen her before?

Headlines! Before the show even aired she caused uproar with her views about breastfeeding in Channel 7's promo.
Maria was seen sitting a café watching another mum breastfeeding, before musing: "Breastfeeding in public is illegal, you just don't do it."
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Mums were understandably outraged and even threatened to boycott the show, but Maria claimed to OK! that the whole thing was taken out of context.
"In the extended promo you see me say, 'breast feeding in public, for me, is illegal' but in the edited statement it's, 'breast feeding is illegal', which I know is an inaccurate uneducated statement," she explained.

Who is Maria's husband?

Carlos is a part-time barber and business owner. (Maria says the other half of his time he needs to be looking after her.)
That's the main gist of what we know about Maria Geronimo's husband, except for the fact that he planned out her meals to keep her "metabolism fast and in check" while she was pregnant.
"He researched what I needed to eat and cooked it up; they're portion controlled meals. He believes that's what will keep my metabolism fast and in check," reports Kidspot .
"I do organic food. I don't really do fitness. Sometimes a brisk walk," she said.

Where can you follow Maria on Instagram?

Her Instagram handle is @maria_digeronimo.

What can we expect to see from her on Yummy Mummies?

In a word? DRAMA.
"I clash with all three," she revealed to TV WEEK, adding things did get heated onset at times. "We're all strong women with opinions and our common ground is that we are all about to become mums."
And in another word? Excess.
"Expect to see plenty of pampering and splurging on luxury items as I want the best of the best for my family," she told Yahoo Be.
Maria and her husband own a Versace styled house in Adelaide (with a token Chanel pamper room), and she's already bought her daughter, Valentina, a whole wardrobe of designer clothes ranging from size 000 to age 14.

We may also be treated to some more kids on the show, if it's signed off for a second season.
"I'd love to have more children in the future," Maria explained to TV WEEK, adding she and hubby Carlos hope to adopt.
"We've thought more about adopting to be able to give a less fortunate child the opportunity of a better life."
"My family have been very supportive and Carlos is happy and proud," Maria says. "I just want the best for my family and I want to give them all the light and happiness in the world."

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