In Memoriam: A tribute to those we have lost

A time to acknowledge friends and colleagues who have sadly passed away.

By TV Week team
Each year, the In Memoriam segment at the TV WEEK Logie Awards pays tribute to friends and colleagues in the television industry who have passed away over the past 12 months.
This year's segment was accompanied by a beautiful performance from Casey Donavan. The full list of names can be found below.
Ross Higgins - Actor.
Alex Stitt - Producer.
Michael Shrimpton - Producer.
Allan Zavod - Composer.
Reg Grundy.
Anne Deveson - Journalist.
Chelsea Brown - Actress.
Barry Ellson - Manager.
David Ritchie - Actor.
Dave Baster - Cameraman.
Bill Beams - Director.
Dave Chee - Cameraman.
Bob Francis - Presenter.
David Mattungly - Agent.
Oscar Whitbread - Producer.
Diana Goller - Presenter.
Peter Sumner - Actor.
Doug Tremlett - Actor.
Joy Hruby - Actress.
Douglas Stanley - Producer.
Brian Pedler - Executive.
Francis Hargreaves - Actress.
Mario Milano - Sports Entertainer.
Hank Syberden - Technical Operations.
Dan Webb - Presenter.
Helen Noonan - Actress.
Max Walker - Sports Presenter.
Ian 'Beat" Hill - Presenter.
Ken Sparkes - Announcer.
Janet Patterson - Costume Designer.
Phil Gibbs - Sports Presenter.
Jean Gair - Production Executive.
Geoffrey Owen-Taylor - Producer.
Jim Berinson - Actor.
Bob Horsfall - Actor.
Lee Larner - Casting Director.
Jaye Walton - Presenter.
Leslie Narrar - Creative Engineer.
Louis Irving - Cameraman.
Lewis Fiander - Actor.
Russell Kiefel - Actor.
Max Lemon - Editor.
Anthony Searl - Cameraman.
Michael Rauch - Cameraman.
Peter Collingwood - Actor.
Paul Cox - Director.
Jan Friedl - Actress.
Peter English - Production Executive.
Brian Beaton - Producer.
Peter Reid - Executive Producer.
Richard Neville - Social Commentator.
Steve Rossell - Cameraman.
Scott Burgess - Actor.
Thelma Stone - Set Design.
Rebecca Wilson - Sports Presenter.
Phillip 'Jock' Healy - Sound Recordist.
Ronald Falk - Actor.
Fred Parslow - Actor.
Norman May - Sports Commentator.
Vivean Gray - Actress.
John Clarke - Satirist.

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