Nikki Gogan was on The Bachelorette last night and no one noticed

And she almost stole Sophie Monk's thunder!

By Bella Brennan
Last night, the nation watched in (double) delight as Sophie Monk made her dazzling debut on The Bachelorette Australia.
Between Jourdan's crocodile tears, the show's resident sea otter and Sam's impressive pool tricks - you'd be forgiven for missing a very ~meta~ moment.
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Sophie's grace, poise and true blue Aussie humour blew the nation away.
That's right, in between all the chaos of premiere night, one of the nation's most treasured Bachie alumni made a sneaky debut on our TV screens.
During the commercial break, 2016 Bachelor runner-up Nikki Gogan and her ethereal glow lit up the screen as the star of the Dailies Contact Lenses ad.
In the ad, Nikki plays the role of a fun-loving girl who doesn’t let the small issue of dodgy eyesight ruin her plans – no way!
Instead, the Perth beauty just pops in some contacts and gets on her merry way.
We'll take 20 of whatever Nikki is selling, thanks!
The Perth beauty seriously lit up the screen on the commercial.
It was a full circle moment for Nikki, who was said to be in negotiations with Ten to star as this year’s Bachelorette until Sophie Monk put her hand up for the coveted role.
Nikki says she’s now focused on her real estate career after landing a dream job at Caporn Young in Fremantle, WA.
“You sort of have forks in the road. You’ve got different choices to make and you’re weighing them all up,” she told in June.
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Nikki fell in love on the 2016 Bachelor but he picked Alex Nation.
"For lifelong fulfillment, for me, this was the better option. I thought long and hard about my aims and I know how much I love my real estate career. It’s the path I’ll be most proud of."
Fans believe Richie’s runner-up was kicked to the curb for Sophie, who would command more ratings thanks to her celebrity status.
But Nikki has remained civil when talking about the network.
"I think that with all my dealings with Warner Bros. or Channel Ten, they were always very respectful," she said.
"They were always aware of my feelings and how I felt. At no point do I think anyone jumped the gun. They were always very respectful."
She said she wanted to focus on her real estate career but it looks like Nikki's changed her mind! (Image/Dailies)
"I thought long and hard about my aims and I know how much I love my real estate career. It’s the path I’ll be most proud of."
While she may not be advertising the fact she’s keen to return to our screens, her lead role on the Dailies ad proves she’s a natural in front of the camera and definitely open to opportunities.
What’s even more exciting for Nikki fans is the fact she’s been rumoured to have been approached by execs to star in the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise.
Contacts at the ready, we’ll be watching this space intently!