The Bachelorette’s Sam is obsessed with being "nakey nakey naked!"

The 31-year-old happily admits, “I’m always nude,” and proves it on his very first night in the mansion!

By OK! team
Sam made a great first impression on Sophie...before getting SUPER comfortable at the cocktail party.
This year's Bachelorette Australia Sophie Monk isn’t shy when it comes to taking her clothes off in front of the camera.
And apparently, neither are her Bachelorette boys!
31-year-old Sam says he’s happy to bare it all, especially since he prefers being nude IRL!
Sam’s nudie run in last night’s episode got a genuine laugh from Sophie and the boys in the mansion. And Sam was happy to be the literal butt of that joke!
Nothing to see here folks! Just Sam passing on his 'naked ways" to his nephew.
And apparently, Sam’s not the only one who’s comfortable sans clothes… He admitted that the boys all got pretty comfortable while living together in the Bachie mansion! "I had to make sure I didn’t do the nude stare at the fridge thing," says Sam.
No doubt some of the other boys were fighting the same urges Sam.
While all the other boys chanted, Sam took his sweet time stripping down to his long johns (yes, you read that right) and did his obligatory lap of the garden before throwing himself into the pool. ICYMI Soph, the man can definitely take a joke. And if that doesn’t show commitment, we don’t know what does.
A lovely before pic of Sam looking fully-clothed and quite dapper...before throwing himself in the pool.
All jokes aside, Sam seemed genuinely chuffed to be rewarded for his brazen behaviour with the "double delight rose".
"The first ever, for the first time in Bachelor history," he reminds us.
"There’s some people who don’t even get one. For me to know that I have one date to mess up and then one group date was reassuring. I was probably more relaxed than the other guys," he tells OK!.
After last night’s very promising episode, we can only predict that more nudity is all but guaranteed. And if Sam’s initial first impression is anything to go by, he’ll HAPPILY accommodate anyone who wants a second look at his long johns!
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