Neighbours: Tim Robards arrives in Ramsay Street

A handsome stranger sparks intrigue in Erinsborough

Nothing gets tongues wagging on Neighbours quite like the arrival of a hot new hunk.
Enter Pierce Greyson (Tim Robards, who viewers will recognise as the star of the very first The Bachelor Australia in 2013).
He's a high-flying investor who rocks up in town looking to make a quick buck. The fact that Pierce is made of money – and flaunting a sharp wardrobe – makes everyone sit up and take notice.
Tim Robards arrives in Ramsay Street.
Of course, it doesn't take long for Pierce to find his way to Lassiters, where Paul (Stefan Dennis) sniffs out an opportunity. But while Pierce's priority is profits, he's also caught the eye of a few local ladies.
Desperate to ensure everything goes to plan with their cashed-up client, Paul and Leo (Tim Kano) instruct all staff to be on their very best behaviour.
Leo's warning is mostly a veiled threat to Chloe (April Rose Pengilly), whose Cash4Company side business has seen her reputation take a serious battering.
Unfortunately for Leo, his warning falls on deaf ears and things go from bad to worse when Pierce discovers one of her business cards.
Has Chloe cost Lassiters the deal of a lifetime, or is Pierce about to pursue a risqué relationship of his own?
Tim discovers Chloe's business card.
Tim says his foray into acting has been a long time coming.
"At the start of this year I made the decision to make acting the top of my priority list," he reveals to TV WEEK. "I've been putting in the work behind closed doors with different coaches – pushing myself out my comfort zone and then this role came up so I'm super excited."
Of his first ever acting role, Tim says he has enjoyed the role on Neighbours.
"I've really enjoyed exploring the character, Pierce Greyson has a number layers to him so he is really interesting to play for sure," says Tim.
"He is a hybrid of a Harvey Specter, sprinkle of Christian Grey and little bit of Robert Redford so it's been great fun to explore."
Neighbours airs weeknights, 6:30pm, on Eleven.

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