Spoiler alert! What to expect from Neighbours in 2020

Executive producer Jason Herbison gives TV WEEK the scoop on what’s in store on Ramsay Street.

Neighbours is celebrating its 35th anniversary in 2020 – what can fans expect?
We're going big with the 35th, with something we've never done before.
While I can't say too much, I can reveal two separate narratives will take place: one warm and nostalgic, the other, high-stakes drama.
The return of characters from the past will help us pull it off.
Paul and Terese married this year – is it smooth sailing from here?
It's Paul [Stefan Dennis] and Terese [Rebekah Elmaloglou] – it will never be smooth sailing!
They're strong and opinionated, which makes them compatible and volatile. But, after such a long journey to become a couple, we're not about to break them up.
Paul and Terese tie the knot! Image: Network Ten
What's in store for Karl and Susan?
Karl [Alan Fletcher] and Susan [Jackie Woodburne] will face one of their biggest challenges yet as a result of events that happen around the 35th anniversary.
Karl will also encounter someone he briefly interacted with in the past, with consequences greater than he expects...
There seems to be a love triangle brewing between Bea [Bonnie Anderson], Finn [Rob Mills] and Elly [Jodi Anasta].
There absolutely is. Finn's feelings for Elly are rekindling, although he's trying hard to fight them. We are also going to see a change in their living situations.
Seasoned proffesionals: Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne return as Karl as Susan in 2020. Image: TV Week
What now for Kyle and the Cannings after Amy's [Zoe Cramond] departure?
Kyle [Chris Milligan] won't be in a hurry to jump into a new relationship, but the Cannings are going to have a very busy year.
Expect to see a new member of the family introduced in the first half of 2020, which will be particularly challenging.
Are couple Ned and Yashvi moving on after their traumatic break-up?
They make a great couple and we'd love to see them back together.
However, after the trouble Scarlett [Christie Whelan Browne] caused, it won't be easy for Yashvi [Olivia Junkeer] to forgive Ned [Ben Hall].
We'll see tension as they explore their ambitions for the future.
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David [Takaya Hondo] almost lost his life when his kidneys failed – how does that impact his relationship with Aaron [Matt Wilson] moving forward?
As often happens when someone's health is at risk, the relationship becomes stronger. We'll see them explore their desire to have a family. As a same-sex couple, it won't be easy and will take them down unexpected paths.
Is it all marital bliss for newlyweds Chloe and Pierce?
Do they know each other as well as they think? We'll also discover that one of them has a surprise connection to a past Neighbours character – you won't see this one coming!

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