New cast member alert! Christie Whelan Browne joins Neighbours

Christie gives TV WEEK the inside scoop on her new role...

By Maddison Hockey and Tina Burke
It's been a busy few months in Erinsborough, with new characters strolling in to town left and right.
Jemma Donovan, daughter of Neighbours patriarch Jason Donovan, has arrived and is about to make her on screen debut next month. Meanwhile, Georgie Stone is also on set and is playing the soaps' first transgender character Mackenzie Hargreaves.
Earlier this month it was confirmed that the infamous Blakeney twins would be coming back, and now ANOTHER major name has been added to the roll call.
Christie Whelan Browne is set to make her mark on Ramsay Street in a new guest role. Fans will recognise Christie from her roles in shows including Wonderland, Offspring, House Husbands and The Wrong Girl.
Christie Whelan Browne is coming to Ramsay Street!
We caught up with Christie to find out all about her exciting new gig on Neighbours…
What can you tell us about your character?
Scarlett is very complex, which we learn early on. She has a clear agenda when it comes to one of the male characters and she goes to extreme lengths to get what she wants. She's had her own pain and struggles, so while sometimes her actions will leave viewers shaking their heads, hopefully they can have sympathy for her too.
How did you get involved in Neighbours?
I was so lucky; I don't even know how it happened. I'd auditioned a couple of times in the past. Perhaps I just seemed like a "Scarlett" – which you can decide is a compliment (or not) after you meet her.
Christie says her character Scarlett has a "clear agenda" in Erinsborough.
What's it been like joining the cast of such an iconic show?
It's so surreal. Sitting at my first read-through and Susan Kennedy [Jackie Woodburne] is sitting opposite me saying lines – it was nostalgia and excitement rolled into one. My younger self would never have believed I'd be on this show. It's pretty awesome.
Do you have memories of watching Neighbours when you were growing up?
We watched it every night! My brother, sister and I all loved it. Right back at the beginning – in the Madge [Anne Charleston] and Mrs Mangle [Vivean Gray] days [in the 1980s]. It was a staple in our home.
Neighbours airs Weeknights, 6.30pm, on 10 Peach.

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