Paul and Terese finally tie the knot on Neighbours! Go inside their dramatic wedding day

''Terese is shocked it’s come to this...''

By Maddison Hockey
After a rocky romance, Terese and Paul finally get hitched in Neighbours on Tuesday night. But it hasn't been an easy trip down the aisle.
Paul – who's been married five times already – got cold feet, which wasn't helped by the fact that his exes have returned to Erinsborough to haunt him before his wedding.
Paul and Terese were ready to elope last week when another of Paul's (Stefan Dennis) past loves appeared – Christina (Gayle Blakeney). It proved the final straw for a rattled Paul, who called off the wedding as a result.
Rebecca (Jane Hall) was just one of Paul's exes who appeared this past week.
When the drama picked up this week, Christina's twin Caroline (Gillian Blakeney) turned up at Terese's (Rebekah Elmaloglou) door. Furious at her sister for her meddling in events, Caroline forces Christina to come clean.
Confirming Paul and Terese's initial suspicion, Christina admits the return of all the ex-wives was part of a plan Paul's daughter Elle Robinson (Pippa Black) hatched.
Paul confronts his daughter via video call, but Elle is unapologetic and unrepentant. She explains she wanted her father to break his toxic love-them-and-leave-them cycle with women and to truly test his love for Terese.
"He's angry, but Elle explaining why she tested him makes him see sense," Stefan, 60, tells TV WEEK.
The twins have meddled in Paul and Terese's romance.
The businessman begs Terese to once again consider marrying him.
"Terese is shocked it's come to this," Rebekah, 45, says, "But it also makes her question whether getting married is the right thing."
With a little persuasion, Terese agrees to check out of Heartbreak Hotel and go ahead with the wedding. Finally.
As Paul retrieves the rings he'd tossed aside, Caroline organises the only celebrant she can find at late notice: an Elvis impersonator.
In an intimate ceremony, "Elvis" pronounces the happy couple man and wife. Love me tender, love me do!
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Paul and Terese finally wed.
"I now pronounce you husband and wife!"
Paul, Terese, and their Elvis impersonator celebrant.
Christina and Caroline are the only guests.
The newlyweds celebrate with a bottle of champagne.
Paul and Terese get their happily ever after, at last.
Neighbours airs weeknights, 6.30pm, on 10 Peach.

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