Why we’re not ok with Paul and Terese hooking up on Neighbours

We are not happy about this.

By Saskia Tillers
After a massive week of Neighbours, which included shocking revelations about the Brennan brothers, and a near-death experience for Steph’s son Adam, there’s one thing leaving a bit of a sour taste in our mouths.
Yep, we need to discuss something major that happened: Terese and Paul getting down and dirty.
The jury’s still out on this one, but we can’t help feeling like the whole situation is a bit icky.
Why? Let us spell it out for you…
For starters, this isn’t the first time Terese and Paul have shared a, erm, night of passion. The business partners actually go way back. Like, waaaaay back.
And while revisiting love affairs with former flames happens quite regularly on Ramsay Street, we’re particularly grossed out about this whole unholy reunion for a few reasons.
Sparks first flew when Terese arrived on Ramsay Street...
Firstly, Paul Robinson has managed to get it on with just about every female in Erinsborough over the past three decades. We’ll let you do the maths. Ew.
Secondly, Terese is engaged to be married. That’s right, she’s going to be walking down the aisle in a matter of weeks!
And poor lovable Gary is still none the wiser about his fiancé’s secret tryst.
Plus, we’ve been excited about the Cannings and Willis families joining forces, and want the wedding to go off without a hitch.
So Paul, we think it’s high time you stopped meddling and let the real lovebirds have their happily ever after.
Go find someone else for your next roll in the hay!

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