Gogglebox Australia stars Angie & Evie, Wayne & Tom, announce departure from the show

The end of an era!

By Tina Burke
Two of your favourite Gogglebox Australia duos have confirmed they are leaving the hit series after eight seasons, and three TV WEEK Logie Awards wins.
Bubbly Sydney housemates Angie and Yvie, and swoon-worthy Victorian couple Tom and Wayne, have confirmed they won't be returning to the show in 2019.
Since the news broke on Friday, the girls have confirmed they pulled out of the show because they aren't living in the same city anymore.
"We wanted to let everyone know the reason we left is because Angie doesn't live in Sydney anymore," they revealed in an Instagram Live video shared over the weekend.
"Last season she was coming and going and it was just way too difficult, she couldn't afford it," Yvie said.
"We wanted to spread our wings but that doesn't mean we don't love Gogglebox. Because we do. There's no hard feelings there," Angie added.

Gogglebox confirmed the news on Friday, sharing a farewell video on Twitter.
"After eight amazing seasons Angie and Yvie, and Wayne and Tom, have decided it's time to switch off their TVs and farewell Gogglebox," the show shared in a statement.
"We wish you all the best and thank you for all of your incredible TV watching! You will always be a part of the Gogglebox family."
Angie and Yvie also shared a message with their loyal fans on Instagram on Friday.
"It's true! After eight amazing seasons and four years of our lives, Yvie and I have decided it's time to switch off our TVs and farewell Gogglebox," Angie wrote on their joint Instagram page.
"We will always be Goggleboxers at heart and so will our brothers from other mothers Wayne and Tom! We love our Gogglebox family very much.
"It's not goodbye, it's just see ya soon! Love you all and thank you so much for the support over the years. Us and our many rescue babies are so grateful for the love," she finished.
For now, it seems the rest of the beloved couples and families will remain on the hit show.

Gogglebox Australia first premiered in February 2015, and introduced the nation to a group of families who - much like the rest of us - have a lot to say about the TV shows they watch.
Though it may be an unusual concept for a program, the show quickly gained a legion of fans for its relatable friends and families and their good-hearted humour.
The show has won three TV WEEK Logie Awards including the Most Popular Entertainment Program award in 2018.
Angie and Yvie say they celebrated the Logies win together this year... on their phones.
"I was in Queensland," Angie says. "Yvie was at home, so we Facetimed each other during the ceremony."
Yvie was confident they'd win.
"I knew we'd get it – even against The Project," she says. "Next time it'd be good to be there in person with the other Goggleboxers to accept it!"
Angie and Yvie were thrilled to win the TV WEEK Logie Award this year.
We're sad to say goodbye, but we're wishing all the best to our beloved Angie and Yvie, Tom and Wayne!

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