The Bachelor's Matty J's sister Kate was a WAG

And just wait til you see the amazing retro photos!

She caused a storm in The Bachelor Australia mansion when she arrived to grill the girls, but Matty J’s sister Kate is no stranger to the limelight!
In fact, the Bachelor’s older sibling used to date cricket star Andrew Symonds and attended the 2008 Allan Border Medal event with him.
Kate and Andrew attend an event in 2008.
Sources close to the beautiful blonde, who is now married and pregnant with her second child, say she always “loved the WAG life and was especially close to [Shane Watson’s wife] Lee Furlong.”
“Kate always longed to be more than just the girl next door,” says our source.
“Her friends all roll their eyes that she finally got on TV!”During their romance, friends close to the cricket star credited Kate for helping Andrew through bouts of depression.
Spot the Bachelor! Matty J (far right) joins Kate, Andrew and friends at dinner.
Andrew retired from cricket in 2012.
They broke up in February 2009, before getting back together in March. But things reportedly turned sour when she found personal photos of two other women on his phone.
In 2012, Andrew welcomed a daughter called Chloe with partner Laura.
"It's not like we've got all day to sit at home and try and work out a way to fix things or make things better," Andrew told The Advertiser of their relationship in 2009.
“Kate always longed to be more than just the girl next door,” says our source.
"You're always on the go, you're always moving, you're not at home to have that personal contact to try and iron the kinks out."
Meanwhile, Kate faced backlash on The Bachelor last week after her visit to the mansion quickly became focused on outing Leah Costa's history as a topless waitress.
"I know that when I'm with a guy, I'm on my best behaviour. So I want to catch these girls out," the mother-of-one, who is pregnant with her second child, admitted.

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